Yoga Benefits


By Rozel Melani Gonzales 

As the population continues to age, the need for flexibility becomes increasingly important.  Having a substantial amount of  flexibility improves range of motion, thereby decreasing the probability of injuries.  The benefits of increased  flexibility include, better posture, reduced lower back pain and increased blood circulation. 

The popularity of Yoga can be partially  attributed to the North American aging population.  As these individuals grow older,  their needs and tastes for physical fitness evolve.   The mature market is in search of a gentler form of exercise to stay fit.  While many of us, including myself, still enjoy hard core type classes such as KickBoxing and PowerStep; the trend in the fitness industry is moving towards slower but still challenging classes such as Yoga and Pilates.  

While the comeback of Yoga may have begun in response to the requirements of the mature market, its popularity has attracted some  surprising market segments such as senior males, professional male athletes, Generation Xers, as well as the teen market.  

Yoga has become the new TREND.  Its hot.  Its in.  It's what Madonna and Oprah are into...

So, is this but a passing trend.... just like the SLIDE?  Or, will the Yoga stand the test of time?

I believe that Yoga is here to stay.  The fitness industry is sending the message that functional fitness is what is important nowadays.  Balance is key.  Weights, cardio, diet and flexibility.  One cannot go without the other.  Fitness is a marriage of all components.  

It is no longer cool to spend hours pumping up until your biceps are bigger than your head.  The Arnold Schwarzneggar "PUMP YOU UP" days ended a long time ago... around the time when Saturday Night Live stopped being funny. 

Today... It is cool to be able to bend down and pick something you dropped without popping a hamstring.  And it is cool to be able to have the upper body strength to pick up your child without throwing out your back.  

This message is  just as important for  fitness professionals as it is for the fitness enthusiast.  For the instructors out there...  Remember that your bodies are your livelihood.  You must take care of it.  Learn to teach yoga and incorporate these classes into your schedule.  Teaching twenty high intensity classes a week will eventually burn you out either physically or mentally.  Be good to yourself.  Fitness encompasses your body and your mind.

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