Yoga Music                                              

To add a special dimension to your yoga practice, why not try yoga music or a yoga DVD?  While the discipline of yoga is more than 5,000 years old, and was certainly first practiced without the help of technology, today’s modern yogis are discovering that a little technology can enhance their yoga experience in many ways.  Whether using yoga music to add an auditory component, or practicing along with an instructor on yoga DVD or yoga video, modern media resources can add depth and richness to any practice.

The power of hearing

While most practicing students are aware of the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of yoga, many have never considered how yoga music can enhance these benefits.  Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis, a world-renowned researcher of the human ear and hearing, noted that the ear is not just for hearing -- it plays a primary role in physical, emotional and neurological processes. 

Rationale for yoga music

When we consider that the ear is more than a hearing device, it makes sense that yoga music can enhance our practice on many levels:   

·     The ear is essential to human balance and equilibrium; awakening the ear with yoga music may actually help you perform those difficult balance poses!

·     Studies show that listening to music during yoga can increase alpha brain waves, which leads to a restful mental state.  With the right type of music, we can be inspired to relax, meditate, or contemplate our dreams during yoga.

·     Even the body may benefit from music in a physical way; studies have shown that music speeds patient healing and overall recovery in hospitals. 

·     Additional psychological benefits of yoga music are decreased anxiety and stress, improved memory and learning, and enhanced concentration and attention.

Why try a yoga DVD?

Would you like to be able to practice in the comfort of your own home, at any hour of the day?  Is your daily schedule too hectic to allow you to attend yoga class as often as you’d like?   Are you a multi-tasking mom who just has a little “me-time” while the kids are napping?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, a yoga DVD or yoga video might be the answer to your yoga needs.  Time and convenience, however, are not the only benefits of using an instructional yoga DVD. 

A yoga DVD offers many benefits:

·     Precise audio and video instruction; you receive visual and auditory cues which are often more direct and easier to understand than when you are in a class full of people.

·     You have the ability to repeat or skip sections; if you didn’t catch it the first time, you can go back and view the pose again.  Or, if time is limiting, you can skip through a sequence and just do the parts you have time for.

·     You get a beneficial and enjoyable workout at any place and any time; this can be in your own home, in your hotel room on a business trip, or at someone else’s house with a group of friends.

·     DVD brings to you the most renowned and experienced instructors so that you learn from the best.

·     Specialty yoga programs are seldom offered in classes, but are always available on a yoga video or DVD, including:

o    prenatal

o    weight loss

o    muscle gain

o    improved flexibility

Factors to consider when selecting a yoga DVD:


Degree of difficulty: beginner, intermediate or advanced?


Style of yoga.


The instructor and his/her credentials.

Recommended resource for yoga products

At FitMoves, we have identified a quality yoga supplier for all types of yoga needs, including yoga music, DVDs and videos.  That source is Wai Lana Yoga.  Besides having the most watched yoga TV show, Wai Lana Yoga has a reputation for knowledge and caring, and epitomizes the passion shared among all yoga enthusiasts for health, happiness and well-being.  Follow this link to see if Wai Lana Yoga products are right for you.


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