99 Walks Reviews

99 Walks LLC has been a young company since 2019 with a mighty mission to help a million women walk. Their story was started by the co-founder, Joyce, a mother, woman, and coach’s daughter. She’s wildly dedicated to empowering women through connection and walking the community.

99 Walks Reviews
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facebook.com/99walks https://facebook.com/99walks

With Eric, her husband, they established 99 Walks as a community for inclusive gender, sexuality, ethnicities, and beautiful diversities. This community was built with one sole mission to help everyone get happy, healthy, and chase their goal together.

Although it emerged during the pandemic, this brand successfully gathered like-minded people. No matter where you are, you can join the community to walk together and achieve goals. So, during those most challenging times, people can enjoy walking and keeping fit.

Its unique and fun approach to the fitness industry piques people’s interest. Consequently, it has been featured in MSN, Forbes, Woman’sDay, Parade, Mommies Reviews, and many more. Meanwhile, on social media, it obtains 29K followers on Facebook and 18.9K on Instagram.

So are you ready to start your quest? But before that, you should know whether it’s worth your money. Stay with us in our 99 Walks review!

Why 99 Walks LLC?

What’s so special about walking that makes it highly hyped as a fitness program? Well, what makes it different from simple walking is the entertaining program. By combining the mission, app, and community, you can maintain your motive to walk regularly.

Using the app and the login details, you can access all great features like walks guide and hit music to make your walk more fun. In addition, you can connected with the community through the app and FB community.

The mission is also very motivational to help stick longer. Not to mention the beautiful bracelet as the symbol of your achievement and determination. Furthermore, all members can harness the free shipping and money-back guarantee.

What's On 99 Walks

“What a fuss for a simple walking! I can even walk on my own.” Yup, that’s true, though. But are your stick to it, or is that even fun? 99 Walks is a walking program designed for a delightful walking experience.

It combines the app, community, and mission to help you thrive. So when you finish one challenge, you’ll receive a bracelet as your reward. Moreover, this brand has options like cruising community and various classes like walking, outdoor, indoor, mindset & recovery, and Jetti classes.

The company also makes a 99 Walks blog to share useful articles like seasonal bucket lists, walking tips, etc. Besides, this brand offers various merchandise available in the web store. Below is the list!

99 Walks Store Collection

Water Bottle Hat Socks T-Bar Bracelet Stand Hoodie Tshirt 
Beanie Tank Top Bandana Pet Bandana Hip Pack Etc

So this brand offers a great walking program, community, classes, app, and great product collections. Alright, it’s time to break down the reviews section of its program and products!

99 Walks Bracelet Reviews

We know how hard it is to get a little push for motivation to keep doing something. That’s why this platform rewards the mission challenges with a gorgeous 99 Walks bracelet.

99 Walks Bracelet Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/99walks
facebook.com/99walks https://facebook.com/99walks

So, when you crush your goal each month, you’ll receive wearable inspiration with the engraved monthly theme. For instance, the July bracelet will be engraved with “Defy Gravity,” and the September bracelet will be “What If…”.

This stunning inspirational bracelet is made of 316L stainless steel, ensuring a sleek look. Featuring adjustable cuffs, this bracelet will fit all wrist sizes. It has a simple look with a durable build, providing the long last of a lifetime.

It’s worth mentioning that these bracelets are exclusive and limited edition from this platform. Meaning, you can it can be only earned, not purchased. So, begin your quest and obtain your reward!

99 Walks App Review

One of the key points of 99 Walks is the all-in-one app that allows you to connect with others. This app is available for iOS and Android users with thousands of reviews and high ratings.

99 Walks App Review
Image credit: 99walks.fit
99walks.fit https://99walks.fit

Leveraging this app, the users can access all the features and benefits of the program. One of the great features is the walk tracker, which will track your walks by day, week, month, and year. So, use this app to monitor your performance and how far you walk.

Combined with the pace data, know how fast your activity is with a detailed map. In addition, this app is also equipped with excellent access to daily classes. Thus, it ensures proper walking since professional coaches will always lead you in classes.

Various entertainment is also available for a fun walking experience. For instance, full access to meditations, podcasts, and music. Plus, don’t worry about walking along since you can join the virtual teams. The walking becomes much merrier by tracking your miles together.

With all those functional and amusing features, it is a great way to walk to the next level. So, download the app and join the walking team now!

99 Walks Walking Sticks Reviews

What Is Jetti Walking?

The 99 Walks Jetti Poles are walking sticks designed to turn your walk into a full-body workout. It features equally weighted tops and bottoms that offer balanced swings.

99 Walks Walking Sticks Reviews
Image credit: 99walks.fit
99walks.fit https://99walks.fit

The center hand grips are designed for hundreds of movements and exercises. Plus, the sticky rubber feed delivers solid traction for any terrain. This high-end design makes these poles can deliver multiple benefits to upgrade your walks.

Lab research shows it can burn up to 55.6% or more calories and reduce joint stress. Moreover, Jetti Poles is able to increase your stability and deliver lower perceived effort efficiently. Not to mention the improved workout in your arm, chest, back, and abs muscles.

Available in 4 sizes with multiple stunning colors, choose one based on your needs. Thus, upgrade your walking for a better workout at $63.95!

99 Walks Cruise Reviews

One special program that the community can’t wait for is the 99 Walks Cruise. This sailing activity is dedicated to the 9 Walks and Jetti Fitness community. The cruise will sail from Miami for 5 days and 4 nights with Scarlet Lady by Virgin Voyages.

99 Walks Cruise Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/99walks
facebook.com/99walks https://facebook.com/99walks

Starting from Miami, it’ll sail to key west and Beach Club at Bimini and reach Miami again. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy the adult-only adventure with events like private cocktail parties, walking tours, intimate gatherings, and many more.

Cruise Price List

  • Central Sea Terrace/mid-ship Balcony cabins: Double ($1,956) and Single ($1,853)
  • Sea Terrace/Balcony cabins: Double ($1,910) and Single ($1,805)
  • Insider/no window: Double ($1,416) and Single ($1,135)

The voyage fare above already includes all the cabin accommodations, hotel services, theater shows, music events, transport, and parties. So, book now to rest, recharge, and connect with new friends on a luxury ship and beautiful beach!

99 Walks Free Trial

Calling for those still in a dilemma and can’t see whether it’s worth it! Fortunately, this platform offers 99 Walks 2 Weeks Free Trial. You can enjoy all the incredible features and programs within two weeks at no cost.

Try it and do your mission. Then, if you can’t see the worthiness after two weeks, simply cancel it. It absolutely has no harm in trying this program. So, enroll now at the button below to start your walking program for free!

99 Walks Pricing

How Much Does 99 Walks Cost

The 99 Walks platform and the walking program use the monthly payment to join the community. In a certain amount of cost, it already includes all the app, mission, community, and free bracelets. Here’s the monthly based package:

  • Monthly Subscription: $16/month
  • 3-Month Subscription: $15/month or $45 every 3 month
  • Annual Subscription: $14.14/month or $149 per year

This price is relatively reasonable for all benefits. On top of that, the free inspired bracelet that you get when you complete the monthly challenge. But this platform still has great offers for you listed below:

  • Free shipping on every bracelet
  • Enjoy a 2-week free trial for new users
  • Join the newsletter to obtain the 50% off discount codes

99 Walks Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Whether it’s satisfaction or complaint, we are primarily eager to leave a trace of your opinion. Fortunately, this brand has several customer reviews on several platforms from real users. Here’s the review data:

99 Walks Customer Reviews
Image credit: 99walks.fit
99walks.fit https://99walks.fit
  • App Store collects a 6.7K rating total with a 4.9/5 average rating
  • Google Play gathers 1.07K reviews with a 4.5/5 average rating

Wow! Thousands of reviews with highly positive ratings and reviews are very worth applauding. Now let’s see their opinion about the program and the app. Here’s one of 99 Walks reviews from a user:

… It is the best thing I’ve done for my health in a long time, maybe ever! This app provides motivation and accountability, so I’ve hit my walking goal 3 months in a row… Plus, in previous years, I’ve struggled with seasonal depression in the winter months, but no sign of it this year! Worth every penny.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, this brand also has a few numbers of drawbacks. Here’s a customer complaint that has been submitted:

Nice app! No problems keeping track of walks. Good classes and podcasts. I couldn’t get the music to play anymore, but no big deal. I listen to music from other apps while walking.

Based on the review data, nearly all the customer see a good improvement with the program. They feel not only the physical change but also the mental one. Besides, it can give you great motivation to stick to your goal. The only downside is only tiny issues with the app.

Is 99 Walks Worth It?

If you often lose your determination to walk, then 99 Walks is worth considering. By enrolling in the program, users can leverage the great benefit of better motivation, a healthier body, and a beautiful bracelet.

Is 99 Walks Worth It?
Image credit: facebook.com/99walks
facebook.com/99walks https://facebook.com/99walks

In addition, it makes walking much more entertaining with the classes, music. and many more. Shockingly, all those things you can get at a relatively affordable price. Thus, everything seems fine to help you walk better physically and mentally!

99 Walks Pros And Cons

Before starting your program, you should know every inch of this platform. So, check the pros and cons listed below:


  • Entertaining programs
  • Better motivation 
  • Excellent community
  • Helpful classes
  • Free bracelet for achievement
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free shipping
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Highly positive reviews


  • The customer stated about the inaccurate tracking.

99 Walks Customer Service

99 Walks provides great customer service and is ready to respond to your question, ideas, or even complaint. So, connect with the expert via:

Headquarters Address

P.O. Box 22, Bridgehampton, NY
11932 United States

Where To Buy

The best place to enroll in its fitness programs is from the official website at www.99walks.fit. Its website also includes several products for your fitness experience, from T-shirts to socks.


Frequently Asked Questions

When trying to find the 99 Walks review, you may have several questions lingering in your mind. Below is a list of inquiries that people also asked.

Does 99 Walks work with treadmill?

Its app uses the phone’s GPS to track the performance. So using it indoors or on a treadmill won’t track your activities. But you can input the data manually when you are done.

Why is it called 99 Walks?

It’s called 99 Walks since the brand carries 99 core values. When you read the last level, it means the time to work on your life’s mission.


Our 99 Walks review has come to an end. But this means it’s your beginning to join the mission. This platform is recommended platform to enjoy amusing walking with a challenging but doable mission.

Every month, it will provide you with a new theme for better achievement. So, finish the quest and obtain your reward for a stunning bracelet at 99 Walks!

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