Vanna Belt Reviews

Based on her experience as a woman, Jovanna Correa realized that people would face challenges in their fitness journey. No matter how much diet and workout you engage in, stretch marks, loose skin, and cellulite always become our big struggle.

Vanna Belt Reviews
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So to encourage, inspire and empower women to regain their confidence in their bodies and skin, Jovanna established Vanna Belt. She developed products that help maintain a toned and lean physique with high-quality skin care and weight loss products.

Not long after its establishment in 2013, this brand drove many social media fitness enthusiasts’ attention. All over social media, many customers leave reals result to show the product changes their lives.

Not only that, but the popularity also proves how it has over 645K followers on Instagram and 157K on Facebook. However, can you trust this brand to have your dream body and skin?

Thus our Vanna Belt review will help you scour deeper into this brand. Read more to find out all information, from the testimonials to the current perks!

Why Vanna Belt?

Struggling with issues like getting a toned body and stretch marks? Then we think it’s a good reason why you should try Vanna Belt. This brand offers products to help you get your dream body effectively.

In addition, most of the products are made of quality materials that are clinically tested. On top of that, many people give genuine before and after photos. They notice it works effectively to lighten stretch marks, reduce loose skin, and moisturize the abdominal skin.

Aside from the product’s quality, this brand also seems dedicated to maximum customer satisfaction. So, customers can enjoy free shipping and risk-free purchase with 7 days return policy.

What's On Vanna Belt

Vanna Belt offers a wide selection of high-quality signature lines of products, whether skincare or weight loss solutions. The products will help to reach your fitness goals and enhance your diet and exercise for aesthetic results.

Its product will provide better skin or body results for women’s fitness lifestyle. Furthermore, this brand has a fabulous collection of gel and equipment to supplement. Below are the current products collection that are available.

Product Collections

Gel-VS Gel-V, Gel-V Hot, Gel-V Mini, Scru-V, V-ody Oil, V-Cup, etc
V-Belts V-Belt 2.0m Butt-Livt, V-Vest, V-Body, V-Eauty Sleep, V-Bra, etc
V-Sweats V-Sweat, V-Sweat 2.0, V-Sweat Arms, V-Sweat Thighs
V-Kits V-Kit Plus Training System 2.0, 24-Hour Firming and Reduction System, etc
V-Oral Products Trim V, V-tox, Carb Crusher, Carb Crusher Mini, etc
Wear Underwear, Pants, Tops, Vanna belt Sport Leggings, etc

See, this brand has a comprehensive collection to achieve your fitness goal. Unfortunately, in the following section of the Vanna Belt review, we’ll only device three best-selling items. So let’s move to the next section!

Vanna Belt Gel V Reviews

Gel-V Body Firming & Stretch Mark Appearance Fading Gel

Venna Belt Gel-V is the heart of this brand which also is the best-selling item. This product is formulated from clinically proven ingredients like green tea extract, gotu kola, menthol, and camphor.

Vanna Belt Gel V Reviews
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The combination of natural ingredients is proven to lessen loose skin and heal stretch mark appearance. Moreover, green tea extract and gotu kola will tone, firm, and improve skin elasticity. So this fast-absorbing gel would be great for remodeling your postpartum body.

We also like menthol since it gives your skin a cooling effect after applying it. The formulation is parabens-free to ensure safety. However, you should consult the physician for approval if breastfeeding.

Apply this gel to your hand or use the V-glove on clean skin during pre- and post-workouts. Then message a tablespoon of it on an entire mid-section in vigorous circulation motion until it absorbs. Pretty easy, right?

Alternatively, if you want to accelerate the results, combine it with Gel-V Hot at night. So, bring back your ideal body and skin more effectively at $49.99!

Vanna Belt Waist Trainer Reviews

V-Belt Short Torso Waist Trainer

Miss your S line? The V-belt Short Torso Waist Trainer is a shapewear that can give an instant hourglass shape. It works by shaping and sculpting the waist, which can be worn in any activity and time. 

Vanna Belt Waist Trainer Reviews
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Vanna Belt Shorts Waist Trainer comprises 93% polyester and 7% elastane. This material will help to maintain the shape you desire. Moreover, it can trim and firms the waist up to 2-3 inches.

The waist trainer is pretty thin and can contour for a smooth silhouette underneath the garments. The construction is rather firm, so it’ll stay in place and won’t roll up.

However, you should ensure choosing the right size from XS-XXXL for the best fit and result. So you should carefully measure your waist and choose based on it.

Additionally, it’s the short version with a length of 10-11″, but there’s also the long version. Thus, get a slim waist instantly for a beautiful silhouette with this waist trainer at $55!

Vanna Belt Oil Reviews

V-Ody Oil Soothing Body Oil

Oil has been long enough to help our skin adapt to body changes. Whether it’s extreme weight loss or pregnancy can leave stretch marks and loose skin. So, the Vanna Belt V-Ody Oil will help maintain the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Vanna Belt Oil Reviews
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It’s made of rice almond oil, rice oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. This mixture will hydrate the skin to maintain moisturize and soothe it. Moreover, this combination will help the skin look and feel smoother and softer.

Additionally, the richness of essential oil can prevent cellulite and stretchmark. It also can fight flaccidity by improving skin elasticity so the skin can adapt to body changes.

Use this fast-absorbing oil by massage this to the belly, buttocks, thighs, or bust 2 or 3 times a day in a circular movement. Hence, start your skincare routine and have healthy-looking skin at $25.99!

Vanna Belt Kit Reviews

24-Hour Firming And Reduction System

Vanna Belt 24-Hour Firming And Reduction System Kit is one of the best-selling kits for those who want firm and flawless skin. In this kit, you’ll get a complete package of Gel-V, Gel-V Hot, and V-Glove for your skincare routine.

Vanna Belt Kit Reviews
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The Gel V is designed for your daily skin routine to reduce measurements. In addition, it has the ability to diminish the visibility of stretch marks and enhance skin tightness.

Meanwhile, during the night, you can use the Gel-V hot as a routine. This gel will elevate the result by reducing the appearance of a dimply skin effect.

The last item is V-Glove used when applying the gel and massaging the skin. Also, the glove will boost circulation and improve the application. So, to start your routine to get firm and stretch mark-free skin, grab it at $95.99!

Vanna Belt Price

How Much Does Vanna Belt Cost?

Vanna Belt has a relatively affordable price range which is its main selling point. When you visit its official website, the price range is $7.99-$101.99, from one single product to a complete package. Below is further information about the price range of each collection.

Price List

Gel-Vs $7.99-$49.99
V-Belts $35-$70
S-Sweats $15-$40
V-Kits $65-$101.99
V-Oral Products $15-$49.99
Wear $20-$40

Not only offering reasonably priced products, this brand also often provides perks. So, we’ve hunted downs all current offers that you can enjoy.

Vanna Belt Sale

  • Pick 3 to get $20 off
  • Up to 20% off on VIP service
  • Free shipping on orders over $70
  • Become a member to earn rewards
  • Enjoy the lowest price on the Kit collection
  • 25% off on summer sale using MAJORKEY discount code
  • Subscribe to get a unique coupon code and future offers notification

Vanna Belt Before And After

Vanna Belt is a trending product that has been all over social media. Many customers share their before and after photos to see the result. Below is one of the photos that show the result of regular usage of the products.

Vanna Belt Before And After
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Aside from that, each product page is equipped with before and after sections. It allows you to see the customer experience and changes in their body.

Based on the Gel-V clinical test, 80% of women experience that the stretch mark became lighter. 77% of women also notice the reduction of loose asking in their midsection. Furthermore, 90% state that their abdominal skin became more moisturized.

Vanna Belt Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Checking the customer testimonials is important to know what risk you may face when purchasing the products. So here, we’ll break down the Vanna Belt reviews from customers. Before that, consider the rating and review data of all products we’ve reviewed above:

  • Gel-V obtains 320 reviews with 92% of 5-star ratings
  • V-Belt receives 123 customer reviews with 84% of 5-star ratings
  • V-Ody Oil receives 10 customer testimonials total with a 100% of 5-star rating
  • 24-Hour Firming and Reducing System Kit get 79 reviews with 91% of 5-star rating

This brand is noteworthy with a high rating that nearly all customers give perfect ratings. Below is one of the glowing reviews from Vanna Belt Trim V reviews:

I’ve been slowly dropping pounds. I’ve been eating healthier and drinking more water while taking this gel, and it works so well. I’ll definitely keep buying it to reach my ultimate goal.

Despite of majority of positive reviews, we choose one negative opinion among gel reviews. Here it’s:

This gel feels great and is cooling. But softening stretch marks takes much longer than expected.

Most customers state about the products’ good quality and can show effective results. Still, some customer nitpicks about how it takes some time and routine usage to see the result.

Is Vanna Belt Worth It?

Nothing much we can say about its worthiness since, unquestionably, Vanna Belt is worth trying. The products are made with quality materials and ingredients that can show great results. The formulation is also scientifically proven for its safety and quality. 

Is Vanna Belt Worth It?
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Most customers have shown how the products work effectively. So if you want to optimize your fitness result, it’s a wonderful product to get body and skin that look and feel good.

Vanna Belt Pros And Cons

We’ve gathered all the information you need in this Vanna Belt review. However, it may not be easy to point out things you should consider. Thus, we’ll make it easy for you to decide by compiling the pros and cons below:


  • Made of clinically proven ingredients
  • Quality material and construction
  • Effective to give result
  • Full of benefit
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable pricing
  • Fast and free shipping
  • Positive testimonials from customers


  • The return policy is only 7 days
  • To see the result need, routine usage.

Vanna Belt Customer Service

How To Contact Vanna Belt

If you need help from its customer service, don’t hesitate to contact them from the information below. The expert will be ready to discuss your issue from mon-fri from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (EST) via:

Company Address

6354 Nw 99 Ave,
Doral FL, 33178

Where To Buy

Vanna Belt is available on its official website at Aside from that, it’s also purchasable in Amazon and distributor stores in several locations. It’s recommended to purchase from the official store to avoid buying a low-quality dupe!


Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information related to this brand? Check out the FAQs below that are related to the Vanna Belt review.

What does the Vanna Belt do?

It’s a brand that offers products that can work on stretch, firming, slimming, and many more.

How long do you wear a Vanna Belt?

At least you should wear the belt for 15 minutes – 1 hour a day.

Who is the owner of Vanna Belt?

This brand is owned by Jovanna Correa.


Balancing your diet and workout with specific products is essential to boost the result and avoid stretch marks. Our Vanna Belt review highly recommends this brand if you’re looking for a better outcome for your body.

The comprehensive product collection, from firming gel to waist trainer, will help to achieve your dream body. Moreover, the products are clinically proven, with many customers sharing their experiences. So, visit Vanna Belt to make your body goal come true!

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