Springfree Trampoline Reviews

Unquestionably, the trampoline is amusing. However, most parents and grandparents will look at your loved one’s plays with worry in mind. Dr Keith Vivian Alexander also has the same concerns as most parents.

Springfree Trampoline Reviews
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So, he established Springfree Trampoline with the mission to invent the safest trampoline in 2003. The safety standards of the product are at the forefront of this brand to give you peace of mind.

Its high-safety products gained massive attention from like-minded parents. It has even been featured on Forbes, Fox2Now, Good Day, HGTV, The Spruce, and more. Furthermore, the 164K followers on Facebook and 23.7K on Instagram also prove people’s interest.

But can its product truly offer the safety you demand? Thus, our Springfree Trampoline review will help you scour from product testimonials to pricing. Be ready to know the true worthiness of this brand!

Why Springfree Trampoline?

Springfree Trampoline is the best option for those highly concern about trampoline safety. The company has expertise in offering the safest trampoline industry to give you ease of mind.

The product has a unique design to highlight the highest safety standards. For instance, it features a springless design, a hidden frame, and a flexible net. Absolutely, lessen your worry about safety and let your kids have fun.

The brand also offers a 10-year warranty, a 30-day return policy, and free shipping. Additionally, the products are not only available for the US but also for international countries.

What's On Springfree Trampoline

Springfree Trampoline is a product that lets your kids freely play on trampoline while still safe. In addition, its product uses the springless design and other the safest materials and constructions.

The website also has an expansive range of trampolines and accessories. You can even find the trampoline basketball hoop and ball to enhance the amusement of outdoor exercising slam dunks. Following are some of the product collections currently available on the website.

Product Collections

Its website is highly comprehensive to upgrade the trampoline experience. Now, it’s time to bring you further details on some products. It can allow us to see the quality of products. So, without any further ado, scour the Springfree Trampoline review section below!

Springfree Medium Oval Trampoline Review

The Springfree Trampoline Medium Oval is the best-selling item that become the most recommended product. It has a medium size with an 8ft x 11ft size. Like its name, it has an oval shape for the base.

Springfree Medium Oval Trampoline Review
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Basically, it’s a trampoline made with the safe material and construction. So, no spring design is used. It uses flexible mat rods instead. This can reduce the pinch point to avoid toes and feet trapping.

Featuring a soft edge mat with over 30x more shock absorbent than pads. No more hard edges on the jumping surface. Meanwhile, the FlexiNet enclosure provides a robust cushion for jumpers to prevent falls on the ground. Also, the durable frame is positioned well with no harm.

Springless Medium Oval Trampoline Details

  • Dimension: 8 x 11 ft
  • Height: 9.0ft
  • Space Required: 18 x 21 ft
  • Surface Area: 77 ft2
  • Max Weight Capacity: 1500 lb (220 lb single jumper)

With this size, the oval medium is the best option for active jumpers who want trampolining in a narrow space. However, it’s strong enough for more than 6 people. Thus, let your kids happily exercise while playing safely at $1,499!

Springfree Trampoline Jumbo Square Reviews

Want to play trampoline for a crowd? The Springfree Jumbo Square Trampoline is the best item to consider. The combination of square shape and 13ft x 13ft size offers a super wide space.

Springfree Trampoline Jumbo Square Reviews
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springfreetrampoline.com https://springfreetrampoline.com

In addition, the square shape’s rounded corners will maximize the jumping space. The 155 ft2 jumping space will absolutely bring massive fun with a 1500 lb weight capacity.

Like all of its trampolines, the jumbo square is also made with safety in mind. So, it also combines the springless design, SoftEdge mat, durable frame, and FlexiNet enclosure. Surprisingly, this springless trampoline has eliminated 90% of trampoline-related injuries. 

Jumbo Square Trampoline Details

  • Dimension: 13 x 13 ft
  • Height: 9.0ft 4.0in
  • Space Required: 23 ft x 23 ft
  • Surface Area: 155 ft2
  • Max Weight Capacity: 1500 lb (220 lb single jumper)

FYI, the Custom Jumbo Square is also available. So, customize the size if you need a bigger or higher design, like 14ft or more. It’s truly the best combination of massive space and the highest safety standards. Thus, let your kids cheerfully jump with their friends and cousins safely at $2,499!

Springfree Trampoline Parts and Accessories Reviews

Looking for a companion for the trampoline? Fortunately, the brand offers the best Springfree Trampoline spare parts and accessories collections. You can find from ground anchor to Theterball to elevate the fun.

Springfree Trampoline Parts and Accessories Reviews
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springfreetrampoline.com https://springfreetrampoline.com

One of the most recommended items is the combination of FlexrHoop and Ball. With these items, your kids would love to play basketball in the super tricky terrain. Let them jump and shoot the ball in the hoop.

Best-Selling Items

Aside from those items related to the trampoline, it also has several other items. It includes the Camping Kit, Lob Home, Round Platform Tree Swing, and more. Lastly, upgrade the joy of your loved ones with the price range of $29-$199!

Springfree Trampoline Price

How Much Does It Cost?

Don’t worry about the pricing since most items show each product’s cost. The current site’s product collection price ranges from $29 to $4,499. The cheapest item is the Storage Bag and the highest is the Ultimate Bundle Jumbo Oval Trampoline.

Price is maybe the most considered factor for budget-conscious customers. So, we’ll make it simple for you by providing the current perk list. No more words, check it out:

Springfree Trampoline for Sale

  • Free shipping for the continental USA
  • Save more for more items on Bundles
  • Visit all collections to find current discounts
  • Subscribe to the newsletter for exclusive coupon codes and perk updates.

Springfree Trampoline Warranty

This brand is confident in the durability of its trampoline. That’s why most of it’s covered with up to a 10-year warranty to give you peace of mind regarding durability. Not only the trampolines, the warranty even covers the accessories and parts. 

However, keep in mind not all products are equal. Some parts and models have a different limited warranty from 1 year to 10 years. So, start registering your warranty to claim it when an unpredictable thing happens.

Springfree Trampoline Review

What Do Customers Think?

Having been around for years, this brand successfully collected thousands of customer testimonials. This means we can scour the customer’s review to dig any negative and positive opinions. Before that, consider the rating and review data below:

Springfree Trampoline Review
Image credit: facebook.com/Springfree
facebook.com/Springfree https://facebook.com/Springfree

The almost perfect rating among hundreds of Springfree Trampoline reviews is highly noteworthy. It indicates that nearly all customers have positive experiences. But what things actually make people like or dislike the items? Here is a Springfree Mini Trampoline review to consider:

We have a narrow courtyard, but our kid desperately wanted a trampoline. So we bought the mini springfree trampoline. It’s wonderful for its size! Incredibly good quality, very stable for such a mini trampoline. We’re delighted with it and would positively recommend it!

Regardless of how favorable the customer feedback is, we need to check the smallest complaints. The following is a concern of customers in the compact Trampoline review:

Once you assemble the trampoline, you’ll experience its exceptional quality and have a blast. But the installation is painful and demands a lot of strength for two people. I would suggest paying to have it set up…

Most of the people have no issues with the product quality. They start with how it is good quality, stable, durable, and highly safe. On the other hand, the only concern is the difficult assembly.

Is Springfree Trampoline Worth It?

Springfree Trampoline is the most worthy purchase if you are concerned about safety. The safety net, springless design, and other parts are designed with safety in mind. So, it works great for preventing trampoline injuries.

Is Springfree Trampoline Worth It?
Image credit: facebook.com/Springfree
facebook.com/Springfree https://facebook.com/Springfree

Some of you may be concerned about the high pricing. But it’s what you should pay for unparalleled product quality and the highest standard of safety. Additionally, all customers and experts also have the same opinion about how stable the performance and the quality are.

Springfree Trampoline Pros And Cons

Have you decided to try this brand? Better review the pros and cons below to make a wise decision:


  • Prevent trampoline injuries
  • Extremely shock-absorbent mat
  • Durable frame with rust protection
  • Quality and flexible net
  • The highest safety standard
  • Various sizes and shapes
  • Customize option is available
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • 10-year warranty
  • Highly favorable reviews


  • Higher price
  • Tricky assembly.

Springfree Trampoline Customer Service

How To Contact

Can’t find any answer to your inquiries from our article? Fortunately, its support team will be ready to help you from Monday to Saturday via:

Headquarters Address

926 Watters Creek Blvd Ste P750
Allen, Texas
75013, United States

Where To Buy Springfree Trampoline

Now, it’s time to enjoy the fun of jumping together on a trampoline! Get authentic products at the best price at www.springfreetrampoline.com. In addition, the brand is also available in several stores in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Dallas, and San Fransisco.

Many people looking for its products on Costco. Unfortunately, it’s currently unavailable on it. However, prospective customers can find it on Amazon, Target, Walmart, and more.


This article will never provide you with all answers to your questions. However, we’ll compile the FAQs related to the Springfree Trampoline review that most customers are curious about.

Are Springfree Trampolines better?

The spring-based trampolines provide higher bounds than springless. However, the springless design offers a softer bounce that is better for the knees.

What is the lifespan of a Springfree Trampoline?

The average lifespan is 10 years. It can even last longer thanks to the weather resistance properties.

Are Springfree Trampolines bad for your knees?

The soft bounce of a springless trampoline is gentler on the knees and joints.

What is the Springfree Trampoline weight limit?

The weight limit is different from the mini to jumbo size. However, the biggest size has a max weight capacity of 1500 lb and 220 lb per jumper.

Is Springfree Trampoline installation hard?

The item can be installed within a day, and the instruction manual is pretty clear. But, it needs more hands since there are many steps. So, it’s better to watch the assembly video on YouTube.


Springfree Trampoline review is undoubtedly filled with positive opinions from customers. This brand is indeed a leading brand in providing the safest trampoline in the industry. The super build and premium material will ensure the safety of your kids.

In addition, the brand has various range of sizes and shapes. Allow you to choose based on your yard space. Even better, customize the size based on your needs. Thus, let your kids jump in the blast safely with Springfree Trampoline!

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