AVIRON Rower Reviews

A daily workout is highly important. For busy people like us, we might ignore the significance of exercising daily.

AVIRON Rower Reviews
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The only way to remain active is by having our own equipment. But of course, we should choose the right equipment that meets our needs and budgets.

This is the right time to own several series of Aviron Rower. Choices include Impact Series Rower and Strong Series Rower.

Every series contain various high-tech fitness equipment that is second to none. Working out has never been fun with the complete series of Aviron Rower.

Aviron offers several integrated rowing machines. The technology applies habit-forming psychology with game design.

We will be motivated to remain strong until we finish our exercise program. There are more than 5,000 workout choices to avoid boredom during workouts.

We can save time and effort thanks to short yet high-intensity workouts. All series of equipment is completed with high resistance settings. It means we can include strength training altogether with the cardio.

Why Shop at AVIRON Rower?

We have lots of reasons to choose Aviron Rower. All equipment here doesn’t only meet the needs to stay healthy through the regular workout but also delivers great entertainment during the workout activities.

All equipment here is designed to maximize your full-body workout. Rowing equipment from Aviron Rower ensures 86% of our muscles so we can enjoy an effective full-body workout.

There is also a series of equipment for resistance training. Through regular strength training, we can burn calories effectively.

Exercising will never be tiring. Instead, we won’t feel too tired with the very lightweight yet effective equipment.

The best thing of all is the entertainment available from each series of equipment. There are streaming services, live multiplayer games, and many more. Everyone in the family will love it!

Since 2018, many people have made positive Aviron Rower reviews. Initially used by YMCA, Nike HQ, Chico State, and so forth, the brand has reached its popularity as it can maintain its durability and outstanding features.

Now, Aviron Rower machines are available in most homes as well as commercial facilities worldwide.

What's On AVIRON Rower

Aviron Rower is a great brand to shop for rowing machines to motivate cardio workouts to be more fun. Not only does the brand sell a collection of products, but it also uses psychology to form habits and make exercise more enjoyable.

The brand provides a collection of high-intensity rowing machines to save you time. Its high-resistance settings let you incorporate strength training along with your cardio workouts. Likewise, the hundreds of content options keep you motivated and engaged month after month.

So just below, we have several choices of sophisticated fitness equipment from Aviron. Read on to learn more about the specs and features!

AVIRON Rower Strong Series Review

This equipment is not only modern but also very ergonomic. Its compact design suits every room so that we won’t be bothered with the space availability.

AVIRON Rower Strong Series Review
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What’s more, it is equipped with distinguished game-led software. For sure, this Strong Series Rower offers extraordinary features.

We can enjoy a complete body home workout that we can’t get from any other fitness equipment. It has everything that meets our needs during our workout sessions.

Enjoy the rotating touch-screen to enjoy entertainment while working out. There is a phone holder to keep it safe.

Its frame height is accessible, and the construction is definitely sturdy. Its foot width is adjustable, so it is flexible to use by everyone in the family.

The best thing of all is the cooling effect that is placed on each machine’s side. This cooling effect ensures the airflow we create with every stroke.

AVIRON Rower Impact Series Review

This is the best-selling rower, thanks to its simple yet comfy seat height. The folding mechanism is patented.

AVIRON Rower Impact Series Review
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We can easily store it away as it has four wheels. This equipment is made perfect with the inspiring game-led feature.

No doubt, a comfortable rowing experience is what we get, as the high seat can be set up on/off easily.

The 19” width handlebar brings great comfort while the foot placement is also set right ergonomically. We can enjoy smooth stroke and row as it is equipped with a premium grade.

AVIRON Rower Whisper Nylon Belt Review

Nobody in the house will be bothered by any noise, as it operates at only 60 decibels. It is also very affordable, so we don’t have to break our bank account to enjoy this excellent rower.

AVIRON Rower Whisper Nylon Belt Review
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AVIRON Rower vs. Peloton

Aviron Rower is one of the best-selling fitness equipment. However, we once also heard about Peloton. Peloton offers treadmills and bikes with limited features.

The bike is a stationary cycling bike that is equipped with Wi-Fi connected touch screen tablet. The tablet streams live or on-demand Peloton classes.

It means Aviron Rower has more features than Peloton. So, we should never doubt owning Aviron Rower, whether it is the Impact Series or Strong Series.

AVIRON Rower Pricing

While most rowing machines are priced at over $1,000 to $2,000 or more, we are happy to tell you that this brand sells its products at an affordable price.

Aviron’s rower machines start from $1,899 to $2,469. Similarly, you can get accessories from $29 to $129 only.

For memberships, it costs $25/month, billed annually. On top of that, monthly billing is also available for $29/per month.

For Canadians only, you are charged $32/month, billed annually. Also, monthly billing is available for $36/month.

AVIRON Rower Pros and Cons

Get to know the pros and cons of Aviron Rower as mentioned below:

Aviron Rower Pros

  • Innovative features for workout activities and games
  • High-quality materials that ensure sturdiness
  • Sophisticated technology for a smoother ride
  • Its height from the ground is ideal
  • The use of magnetic and wind resistance automatically
  • Compact design with a foldable feature for the best space saving
  • It is integrated with YouTube and other streaming platforms
  • Coached programs, from beginner to advanced by a reputable trainer
  • HD scenic rowing for relaxing
  • Guidance for users to follow some programs based on users needs
  • Risk-free trial for 30 days

Aviron Rower Cons

  • The standard shipping only includes the US and Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Is AVIRON Rower Worth It?

We can say that buying Aviron Rower is worth your spending. The price of every product suits the comprehensive features that it offers. We don’t only enjoy regular cardio programs but also immersive games and other exciting entertainment.

AVIRON Rower Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Of course, this Aviron Rower review wouldn’t be perfect if we didn’t look at customer testimonials. This section will include some of the feedback that we got through the brand’s official website to help you get a sense of customer feedback on the brand,

AVIRON Rower Customer Reviews
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We found a customer who gave the brand’s rower a perfect rating. He said the assembly was easy, and the membership fee was affordable.

So here is that customer feedback:

… Adjustable foot pedal, worth it all! Easy assembly! Cheap membership that several people in my house also use! The games are also enjoyable, and a wide variety of programs…

Furthermore, a customer gave a fascinating review titled ‘top of the line’. This customer is delighted with the brand’s products and services, including the games, programs, challenges, and Facebook community.

This customer says:

Aviron Rowers is by far the best on the market. Its games, challenges, programs, and Facebook community can’t be beaten. The customer service is outstanding, and I am thrilled with my purchase…

Another customer testimonial praises how this brand’s rower is an excellent and outstanding workout device.

This happy customer said:

This Aviron Rower Machine is the best decision. It works practically 85% of your muscles. I would highly recommend this machine to anyone who is looking to get into great shape and have fun while doing it!

From some customer feedback above, Aviron has successfully created gym products that make exercise a habit and ultimately build fun and confidence. Also, almost all customer testimonials say they are satisfied with the brand’s products.

AVIRON Rower Customer Service

How To Contact AVIRON Rower

If you have concerns or questions regarding the product, need a hand with your purchase, or require more assistance, Aviron’s customer service is available. Below is the possible way to get in touch with them:

Where To Buy AVIRON Rower

Aviron’s official website is the ultimate online destination to buy their rowing machines collection. You can get anything at this brand, including rowers, accessories, and memberships.

Just visit the Aviron website to get the necessary rowing machines and accessories. You don’t have to worry about other markets, as the brand offers its goods at the right price, complete with a limited warranty.

AVIRON Rower Promos & Discount Codes

If you’re getting into this section, you must be lucky. We’ll provide you with the promo information currently the brand heading in. It’s super beneficial for you to save time and also your money! Let’s see it just below.

  • Save 15% on Accessories
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Up to 3-year warranty
  • Unlimited profiles with membership

There are still many promos on their official website. So it’s better for you to check their products and find the best that suits your needs.


Say goodbye to a boring workout. It is the right time to enjoy sophisticated fitness equipment like no other can offer. Aviron Rower is definitely unbeatable, thanks to its massive features that ensure a healthy body and mind altogether.

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