Dripex Reviews

Robustsport store emerged in the industry in 2015 on Amazon with two brands of Dripex and Yoleo. It offers sports and fitness equipment with over 20 stores in 7 countries.

Dripex Reviews
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Mainly, this international brand focuses on the UK market, with headquarters in Cardiff, UK. Now, it has 9 warehouses in the US, CA, AU, FR, GE, IT, and UK. Furthermore, the wide selection of product collections allows it to become a reliable one-stop store for quality products.

This company aims to offer workout equipment to make everyone work out at home easily. This deep-rooted high value makes it featured in Amazon’s Choice Customer Reviews, CR Consumer Reports, and Best Reviews Guide.

No matter how big this company as an international brand, the fame couldn’t guarantee reliability. Therefore, our Dripex review will help you find more information to determine your worthiness. Keep scouring!

Why Shop At Dripex Company

To help you get easily home gym equipment, Dripex makes the products as affordable as possible. So it’ll help budget-conscious customers easily get quality products at low prices.

In addition, the company has an expansive product collection, from weight benches to punching bags. The equipment is well-built to ensure long-lasting usage. Besides, it mostly has a compact design with high portability.

Shockingly, the brand even has stores in multiple countries. Make it easier to find products. Furthermore, the customer service is also outstanding, with free shipping, a 30-day return policy, and a 1-year return policy.

What's On Dripex

Are you on the search for affordable home workout products? Dripex is the best place to start. Surprisingly, this brand offers not only sports and fitness equipment but also furniture like standing desks and gaming chairs. You’ll be surprised by how comprehensive its product collection is.

Product Collections

Cardio Equipment Exercise Bikes, Rock Climbing, Flooring, Magnetic Rowing Machine, Treadmills, etc
Boxing Punching Bag and Speed Bag
Home Gyms Weight Bench, Dip Stands, Weights, Weights Storage, Power Tower, etc
Sport/Toy for Kids Baby Playpen, Basketball Hoop, Play Tent, Scooter, Swing Chair, etc
Yoga Yoga/Fitness Mat, Yoga Headstand Bench, etc 
Game Chair Bigzzia Ergonomic PC & Racing Game Chair, Yoleo Office Chair, etc

See, that’s what we’re talking about. If you scour each collection further, you’ll find diverse products. But are its products worth buying? Read the detailed Dripex review below!

Dripex Rowing Machine Review

Magnetic Rowing Machine for Home Use

Do you love to row in your favourite gym? How about bringing a premium gym rowing machine to your house? The Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine for Home Use is an indoor rower for an ergonomic body. The LCD screen can be folded and stored upright.

Dripex Rowing Machine Review
Image credit: dripex.co.uk
dripex.co.uk https://dripex.co.uk

In addition, this silent rower has a durable build for long-lasting usage. Using the quality double aluminium railway and shock absorber delivers super silent and smooth rowing. Don’t worry about disturbing your neighbour.

To upgrade your workout targeting different parts of the body, it has 15 magnetic resistance adjustments. Whether for cardio or strength training workouts, it can target multiple major muscle groups, from glutes to abs.

So, set the resistance based on your tolerance and physical condition. Even better, the adjustment offers suitable resistance for all ages and fitness levels. Thus, plan your body goals and get an extensive rowing exercise in your home at £246.99!

Dripex Vibration Plate Review

Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Searching for an easy exercise in your home? The Dripex Vibration Plate Exercise Machine is an indoor exercise equipment with enormous benefits. Use it for only 10-20 minutes with safe vibration to boost the metabolism.

Dripex Vibration Plate Review
Image credit: dripex.co.uk
dripex.co.uk https://dripex.co.uk

In addition, it can also improve the circulation for burning the unwanted fat. Through effective vibration, it can improve bone density as well as suppress high-stress levels. Adjust the 5 modes and 1-99 levels to get the desired intensity.

The Whole Body Workout Fitness Vibration Power Plate also has a detachable resistance band. Customise your workout in different forms to target specific goals. For instance, it can help to tone legs, lift buttocks, tighten abs and more.

This vibration platform also includes various features like an LED display, Bluetooth/USB Speaker and a non-slip bottom. We also like its compact design for easy storage in your small space home. Thus, enjoy a simple yet intensive workout in your home at £59.99!

Dripex Cross Trainer Review

Cross Trainer Machine

Let us introduce you to one of the best-selling elliptical equipment in its collection, The Dripex Cross Trainer Machine. Featuring a V-belt drive and 10 lbs two-way flywheel, it delivers smooth and quiet running.

Dripex Cross Trainer Review
Image credit: dripex.co.uk
dripex.co.uk https://dripex.co.uk

No worry about its durability since it’s made of a robust frame e with 265 lbs maximum support. Meanwhile, the larger anti-slip pedal offers stability and comfort workout. For enhanced comfort, it also comes with sweat-resistant and soft handlebars.

Additionally, the 4in1 Compact Elliptical Exercise Machine has 8-level adjustable magnetic resistance. The various resistance levels can provide the flexibility to adjust the level to avoid a plateau. Set the level that suits your tolerance and fitness goal.

Equipped with the LCD digital monitor, you can start planning and recording health statistics. Monitor your performance from the display of distance, scan, time, calories burned and speed. So, start your low-impact elliptical exercise at £199.99!

Dripex Folding Treadmill Reviews

2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

Working out in any place and time? This Dripex 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill is the solution. Offering the two modes for different fitness needs, you can use it for running or walking. The foldable and slim provide a space-saving design and versatile usage.

Dripex Folding Treadmill Reviews
Image credit: dripex.co.uk
dripex.co.uk https://dripex.co.uk

When the uprights unfold, the treadmill is in running mode with a 1-12km/h speed range. Then, fold down the upright to enjoy the walking mode and become an under-desk walking pad. This model has a 4km/h maximum speed for walking while working.

Powered with the powerful 2.25HP brushless motor, it will help you exercise without disturbing others. Also, the sturdy and durable steel frame with a multi-layer shock absorptive running belt guarantees years of usage.

The Dripex Under-Desk Treadmill is also equipped with multiple features. It encompasses a built-in Bluetooth speaker, phone holder, remote control and dual display. So choose a folding treadmill in silver, red or blue for running or walking at £334.99!

Dripex Exercise Bike Reviews

Upright Exercise Bikes/Indoor Studio Cycles+14LBS Flywheel

Do you love pedalling your bike, but the weather never helps? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your biking with an indoor exercise bike. Then, consider this Dripex Upright Exercise Bikes/Indoor Studio Cycles+14LBS Flywheel.

Dripex Exercise Bike Reviews
Image credit: dripex.co.uk
dripex.co.uk https://dripex.co.uk

The 9320 stationary bike features a heavy bidirectional flywheel with multiple tension levels. Create different intense workouts to burn more calories depending on your strength. While pedalling, you can track the performance using the LCD and hand pulse handle.

It also has a super smooth and quiet performance thanks to the infinite resistance system with a belt drive system. Furthermore, the well-framed designs provide a high capacity of up to 330lbs supports.

For your absolute comfort, the design boosts the highly adjustable design. Customise the fit in the 6-way adjustable seats, handlebars, and toe cages. So, start biking no matter what the weather outside at £149.99. Check now before going back to the regular price of £359.99!

Dripex Price

How Much Does It Cost?

Due to its wide product collection, its pricing range varies. Below is the pricing list of the home fitness equipment above:

Magnetic Rowing Machine for Home Use £246.99
Vibration Plate Exercise Machine £59.99
Cross Trainer Machine £199.99
2 in 1 Folding Treadmill £334.99
Upright Exercise Bikes £149.99 £359.99

For further pricing information, you can visit its official store. If we consider the pricing, we think it’s pretty reasonable. Additionally, this brand also has various sales that are available on the website. Here’s the promo list:

Dripex Sale

  • Free delivery for UK mainland
  • Visit the coupon page to get a unique discount code
  • Explore the product collection page to find all products on sale
  • Subscribe to the newsletter for promo code and updates on perks.

Dripex Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

For rounding up our Dripex reviews, we need to break down the customers’ testimonials. For instance, as one of the best-selling brands on Amazon, it has collected 3,934 testimonials with a 4.4/5 rating. Now let’s check the rating and review data of best selling on the website:

Dripex Customer Reviews
Image credit: dripex.co.uk
dripex.co.uk https://dripex.co.uk

Impressively, the ratings and reviews are mostly positive. But what exactly did the customer say? So, consider this one Punch Bag review from a customer:

It’s easy to assemble. Took me 10 minutes to assemble the 2 pieces of equipment together… Its base has 12 suction cups, making it non-slip and in place. Extremely quiet, without much noise and vibration, even punching and kicking hard…

Aside from taking into account the positive reviews, it’s essential to check the customer complaints. It can help to anticipate any risk when purchasing. This is a complaint on the 9320 review:

I have been using it for 2 weeks. The only thing that’s a little negative is that the handle needs to be a little more padded, and the handlebars feel like they’re pressing when you pedal. But it’s acceptable. This bike is quiet and sturdy and doesn’t take up much space.

To wrap up, nearly all the customers state the easy assembly and flawless performance like the product description. On top of that, people love how the compact design can save so much space in their homes. In contrast, the only downside is that the handle needs more pad.

Is Dripex Worth It?

If you’re looking for cutting-edge exercise equipment for your home, then Dripex is worth investing in. With a wide selection of products for your fitness goals, you’ll easily find one that suits your budget and needs.

At the lowest price, it can offer extensive workouts targeting various body parts. Furthermore, it has a durable, compact, portable build that is best for a home gym. This store is an absolute one-stop store for home gym equipment.

Dripex Pros And Cons

Are you on the same page as us? Well, this brand is indeed very tempting to purchase. But it’s better to make your decision with a calm mind. Thus, check out the strengths and downsides below:


  • Various resistance levels
  • Space-saving design
  • Durable build
  • Quiet and smooth performance
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day return policy
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Highly positive customer testimonials


  • Many products are out of stock.

Dripex Customer Service

How Do I Contact Dripex?

Do you want to clear everything before making a purchase? That is what smart buyers should do. If you have any questions, contact its support team, which is available 7 days a week:

Headquarters Address

Unit 5a Trident Trade Park
Glassavenue, Cardiff
United Kingdom

Where To Buy Dripex

Get the authentic workout equipment officially from its online store at dripex.co.uk or Amazon. Purchasing on the official website allows you to bring quality workout products to your home at the best price!


Frequently Asked Questions

As an online shopping perfectionist, you may need information as much as possible to make a smart purchase decision. So, we’ll provide the FAQs related to the Dripex review that people also asked for.

Who is Dripex?

Yoleo-Dripex is an online retailer offering a wide selection of home, garden, furniture, sporting goods and more.

Are Dripex bikes any good?

Its bike is a robust selection for home workouts with a compact and versatile design.

Who makes Dripex?

The brand makes its own product under the company name of Dripex Ltd.

Is Dripex legit?

A 4.4/5 rating from more than 3K testimonials makes this brand legit. Besides, the company is legal with a secure payment process and website.


To summarise our Dripex review, this brand is trustworthy for finding quality home gym equipment. This brand offers reliable products with comprehensive workouts to build your body at home. Furthermore, its vast collection covers from adult to baby’s needs.

Now you can freely exercise at home without disturbing your neighbours. These are truly remarkable products for modern gym enthusiast who has no time for gymming. Thus, achieve your body goals and a healthier body with Dripex!

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