Paragon Fitwear Review

Paragon Fitwear is nothing but excellent. It applies Sculpt seam for all its products. It is a thin elastic piece that is sewn into the shorts’ and leggings’ center back rise. This is a very innovative technology that makes the garment special.

Paragon Fitwear Review
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When we choose any of the leggings or shorts, we can feel more confident because our booty looks more defined. Sculpt seam technology allows the garment fabric between our glutes without feeling annoyed.

What’s more, it is very thin as we won’t even feel the pressure. But, it is significant to make a big difference visually.

We did research and found that this fitwear brand is favored by many people, as seen by the followers’ number in its official social media, which are 19k+ on Facebook and around 23k on Instagram.

Now, if you want to know more about what kind of fitwear this brand has, our Paragon Fitwear Review will show you the things such as in-depth reviews, pros and cons, pricing, customer reviews, and many more. Read on!

Why Paragon Fitwear?

Considering Paragon Fitwear as our main choice of daily outfit is highly recommended. Paragon Fitwear emphasizes high-quality fabrics with timeless designs. We can count on Paragon Fitwear for its massive choices of basic items and essentials that we wear.

All of them are made of simple yet elegant colors and styles. Paragon Fitwear accentuates slow fashion instead of fast fashion. This is to ensure that all outfits here have a flexible design for us to wear.

The main highlight of Paragon Fitwear is the use of Reluna. It was designed to be super silky yet stretchy, so it can flatter the butt flattering. What makes all products from Paragon Fitwear outstanding is the high-rise design without any front seam.

The peached finish is gorgeous. It is also made of 81% Recycled PET with 19% Spandex. The maintenance process is also very easy. We won’t need to worry about wearing any of those basics and essentials as long as we want.

What's On Paragon Fitwear

As we’ve mentioned, Paragon Fitwear provides you with the highest quality material on each product it sells. It ensures that you wear it comfortably.

Moreover, with a lot of collections you can choose from, this fitwear brand tries its best to be your savior in case of your sports fashion.

Wondering what’s on Paragon Fitwear that we can choose for daily, comfortable wear?

Paragon Fitwear Collections

Since the collections vary, we take the 3 best-selling products to discuss in our next in-depth review section. Let’s jump into the review!

Paragon Fitwear Original Sculptseam Legging Review

The legging is one of our favorite outfits, right? Then, buying black leggings with original sculpt steam from Paragon Fitwear is what we need. We can rest assured that we can wear them for the long term, thanks to the durable material that still ensures high comfort.

Paragon Fitwear Original Sculptseam Legging Review
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Black naked legging from Paragon Fitwear is very stretchy and light. We can feel it barely though it is not see-through. Such features make this product the best-selling one from Paragon Fitwear. The minimal design is high-rise without front seams.

The fabric is so smooth without a falling down effect. Among the best features include the elegant peach finish, which really enhances total comfort. Choices of color vary from black, breeze blue, sunflower honey, indigo, lizard, antelope, and talc.

With a $50 price point, you can get this excellent legging to wear.

Paragon Fitwear Sculptseam Short Review

For those who love to wear shorts, Paragon Fitwear Short is the best option. The overall review of this product is similar to Paragon Fitwear’s legging. Shorts are best for various occasions, from daily outfits to sports activities.

Paragon Fitwear Sculptseam Short Review
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This product also has sculpted seam features with contoured booty-shaping technology. We will feel good with this product that does good. Besides, buying any of the Naked Recycled items, we’re already helping our earth, thanks to the sustainable Reluna fabric.

Wearing shorts are perfect with various tops that are also available from Paragon Fitwear. Yet, the only color option is melon. But, don’t worry, there are still several kinds of shorts to choose from.

They include lounge shorts with a looser fit, fitted lounge shorts, and track shorts, Whichever choice we make, we don’t have to worry about their quality

Paragon Fitwear Quarter Zip Crop Review

This outfit is matched perfectly well with your legging or shorts. It has a fitted cropped length with a stylish mock neck. The ¼ zip front is perfect for customizable coverage, based on our style.

Paragon Fitwear Quarter Zip Crop Review
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So far, this product remains as the most wanted one, based on the Paragon Fitwear review. We can zip up during our intense workout. Yet, we still can wear it daily by unzipping it for the sake of our comfort.

This Quarter Zip Crop applies FlexSweat, This high-performance fabric has a very smooth, yet stretchy texture. We will feel like it is our second skin. Its elegant finish is also outstanding. Sweaty workouts won’t make us feel uncomfortable because it has a fast drying feature.

Other products that are worth buying include sports bras and various kinds of tops with long sleeves. All of them are made of similarly quality fabrics that we can count on to deliver total comfort.

Paragon Fitwear Pros & Cons

As consumers, we should know the pros and cons of every product that we are going to buy. Particularly for Paragon Fitwear, here are the pros and cons.

Paragon Fitwear Pros

  • All products are made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Sculpt seam booty contour is the main feature of Paragon Fitwear that makes all products stand out against competitors
  • Good prices
  • The only brand that uses Reluna™ which is highly durable and recyclable
  • Abundant options of stylish, yet comfortable fit wear
  • Skin-friendly outfit, thanks to the certified OEKO-TEX®
  • All products are audited to BSCI Standards and ethically made in the factory
  • Easy maintenance
  • Clear sizing description
  • The company donates 1% of profit for high-impact causes support
  • Global Recycle Standard verifies its sustainable materials
  • Guaranteed by Good Mood Guarantee

Paragon Fitwear Cons

  • Shipping to limited countries

Is Paragon Fitwear Worth It?

If we own our Paragon Fitwear collection, we will have no doubt that this product is worth every penny! We can enjoy total comfort from all of those stylish outfits. All products are worth buying.

Paragon Fitwear Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Reading what customers think about the product you will buy is a great decision. That’s why we specially made this section to show you some customer reviews that we take from the official site.

Paragon Fitwear Customer Reviews
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The first review is for Quarter Zip Crop with the most 5 ratings from customers. One of them said:

Super cute. I love it! Great fabric, really good stretch in it. Comfortable. Will buy again and diff colors if available.

She likes the quality fabric this zip crop has that allows her to stretch it comfortably.

Another review is for Sculptseam Short; one of the reviewers said:

The most perfect shorts and I’m obsessed with the leggings as well! I’m so picky and these exceed all expectations.

It clearly says that this reviewer is happy with how great the shorts are to wear. It even exceeds her expectations.

Overall, most of the customers are delighted with Paragon Fitwear products since they provide both high quality and comfort for everyone who wears it.

Paragon Fitwear Customer Service

How To Contact Paragon Fitwear

The brand’s customer service team is available to help answer your question regarding the products or anything else. You can reach them by sending a message to, then waiting for their response.

Or, you can check the FAQs page to see whether the brand is already discussed your question there.

Paragon Fitwear Return Policy

Customer satisfaction is one of the brand’s priorities; that’s why they allow you to do a return.

All you have to do is contact the brand’s customer service team and request a return. To take note, you can request a return within 30 days of the day you buy the products.

Make sure that the product is unwashed, unworn, and that the tags are still attached.

Where To Buy Paragon Fitwear

The only place you can visit to get Paragon Fitwear products is its official site, as you can have a wide collection option that you can choose the fittest one for you.


The following are some frequently asked questions about Paragon that might help answer your curiosity.

Is Paragon squat proof?

The good news is that all Paragon leggings are sweat and squat-proof.

What does Paragon sell?

It’s a clothing brand that sells winter coats, ski jacket and gear, tennis, running, soccer, and many more.


In sum, Paragon Fitwear review has mentioned all the best features of this product. Millions of users from many countries have proven that they are satisfied with all outfits from Paragon Fitwear.

They are not only satisfied with the high-quality fabrics that ensure a comfortable feeling but also the satisfaction of contributing to a healthier environment. Thus, what are you waiting for? Let’s purchase it now!

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