Lifepro Reviews

Lifepro Fitness was founded by two buddies, Joel Gottehrer and Abraham Brach, in 2017. Their story started during the hard recovery time when suffering from a major ACL injury.

Lifepro Reviews
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They’re desperate to accelerate their healing by trying every health and wellness tool. From this story, they work together to offer products for overcoming the steep hill of recovery fitness. The company believes that no one should go through their path alone.

So, with no gimmick, this brand is the best place to find amazing coaches, quality fitness equipment, and community. Furthermore, these values led them to be featured in Good Housekeeping, USA TODAY, Women’s Health, and CQ.

There is no doubt why it has so many followers, with over 52K on Facebook and 23.8K on Instagram. Despite its popularity, can you trust your recovery to this company? Our Lifepro review will help you find out!

Why Lifepro Fitness?

When it comes to fitness equipment for a healthier lifestyle, Lifepro is absolutely at the front row. All products are formed with the function to ensure the best result for your usage.

The collection is backed by science for premium quality. So, it offers an effective fitness experience and long-lasting usage. Also, it delivers a great service with excellent access to professional coaches.

Its dedication to customers is shown by its superb customer experience. The risk-free purchase is also guaranteed with the 30-day return policy and up to lifetime warranty. Not to mention the free shipping and deals for your absolute satisfaction.

What's On Lifepro Website

Lifepro aims to help those people who want to recover. So, this fitness brand has a lavish collection of fitness equipment for a better recovery experience. It has a wide selection of items made from years of research.

Not only recovery, but its fitness equipment is highly versatile to target your fitness goal. So you’ll find premium equipment, from vibration plates to ellipticals.

Lifepro Products

  • Vibration: Starter, All-in-One, Mini Vibration Plates, etc
  • Wellness: Light Therapy, Sauna Blanket, Massagers, Compression Sleeves, etc
  • Recovery: Massage Guns, Massagers, Compression Sleeves, Balls And Rollers, etc
  • Fitness: Adjustable Dumbbells, Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Portable Gyms, Balance, etc
  • Accessories: Resistance Bands, Waver Remote, Red Light Therapy Glasses, Rumblex Watch Remote, etc

Discover a  great investment in fitness products to achieve your body goals. Next, let’s dive deeper into its products to see the quality in our Lifepro review sections!

Lifepro Waver Vibration Plate Reviews

Waver Vibration Platform

The Waver and Rumblex Vibration Plates are like the heart of this brand. But, our attention is more attracted to the Waver Vibration Plate one. It’s designed to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities on muscles and joints that usually take longer to recover.

Lifepro Waver Vibration Plate Reviews
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In addition, the waver will make your complete home workout much more accessible. It includes 4 resistance bands for customized usage like curls or presses. Combining the items, bands, and exercise offers the superb function of sculpting the bicep and upper body.

Additionally, the oscillating motions offer an enhanced benefit when squatting, planking, and other multiple exercises. For instance, this vibration platform can target to strengthen the glutes, legs, and abs—an absolutely great solution to target any muscle.

Moreover, it’s equipped with several key features like 99-speed settings, quiet vibration, anti-sleep rubber, and exclusive training video. Thus, effectively recover muscle, improve metabolism, and build bone at $199.99!

Lifepro Sonic LX Massage Gun Review

Sonic LX Professional Percussion Massage Gun

Often struggling tension on your body after working out? Instead of paying for an expensive body massage,  the Lifepro Sonic LX Professional Percussion Massage Gun is the best alternative.

Lifepro Sonic LX Massage Gun Review
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This heated massager offers great flexibility improvement and deep tissue relief. Plus, coming with various massage gun attachments provides personalization to relax stiffness. So, it combines the 10 included heads and 9 intensity levels for professional therapy.

The 10 massage heads relieve deep pain and rejuvenate your neck, back, and whole body. Plus, you’ll love the combination of heating and vibration for releasing myofascial release. As a result, it’ll boost the cells’ regeneration and repair.

The rechargeable battery delivers a long-lasting performance of up to 4 hours. So, get instant relief anywhere with this quiet and effective handled gun massager at $139.99!

Lifepro Adjustable Dumbbell Review

PowerFlow Plus Adjustable Dumbbells

Bring your gym workout to the next level with these PowerFlow Plus Adjustable Dumbbells. These dumbbells are engineered precisely to boost performance when building, shaping, and toning your muscles.

Lifepro Adjustable Dumbbell Review
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We also like the design for swapping weight quickly and easy-to-adjust locking plates. Furthermore, the compact design ensures easy storage. Meanwhile, the anti-slip steel handle makes the movement much easier with a safer grip.

This package includes 2 sets of PowerFlow Plus adjustable dumbbells and 2 dumbbell racks. Plus, it comes with a training body workout poster. Use it as a reference during workouts for better targeting.

Each weight is 5 lbs weight with up to 25 lbs weight total when combined. Adjust the weight for the proper weight. So, easily adjust the dumbells for the proper workout at $189.99!

Lifepro Treadmill Reviews

PacerMini Pro Portable Treadmill

For a healthier lifestyle, many of us use a treadmill or standing desk while working under the desk. The PacerMini Pro Portable Treadmill is designed to meet your needs for workouts anywhere. With the compact and adjustable handlebar, it’s highly portable.

Lifepro Treadmill Reviews
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Folds down the handle for easy storage and compact size. Furthermore, the built-in wheels offer a breeze to move around. Enjoy hassle-free storage and setup.

It offers up to 3 mph speed efficiency for cardiovascular exercise. This speed and the 7-degree incline allow the walking pad to effectively stimulate metabolism, burn calories, and improve overall fitness.

Not only the compact design, it features adjustable speeds and an easy-to-read display panel for tracking the progress. Thus, bring this PacerMini Pro Desk Walking Treadmill for an active day at $419.99!

Lifepro Price

How Much Does It Cost

Lifepro has a myriad products collection, from fitness equipment to its accessories. So. the price range is pretty wide at $0 to $1,999.99. The cheapest item is Comparison Table, and the highest is Rejuvacure Far Infrared Sauna.

You should know that this brand often shares perks. It allows the customer to get a much lower price of fitness equipment. We’ve hunted down all the current perks to help you get the best deals. Here’s the list:

Lifepro Fitness Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

To know this brand better, scouring customer reviews is important. Due to its popularity and high numbers of sales, this brand has many Lifepro reviews and ratings on different platforms.

Lifepro Fitness Reviews
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For instance, Google Reviews collects 1,416 reviews with a 4.8/5 average rating. Meanwhile, as one of Amazon‘s best-selling brands, it has a 4.4/5 average rating from 3,285 testimonials. Here are the rating and review numbers of best-selling items:

It’s astonishing how the company has thousands of reviews with high average ratings. Now let’s see one of Rumblex reviews from a customer:

I’ve been working hard to heal my adrenals and painful hip problems. The system has helped a lot. I looked forward to using it all the time, and now I’m sleeping better, the pain is less, and I’m detoxing. I like it. Thanks, LifePro…

For the second review, we specifically chose one customer complaint. Here’s what the customer feedback in the Dynaflex review section:

The product works well, but I wish it was smaller and lighter and had a lower speed setting. Very good after a workout or a day at the computer.

Most customers stated how the equipment can provide a comprehensive exercise. They also see improvement after regular usage, which indicates how effective it is. On the other hand, we only find minor customer complaints like the one above about the size and weight.

Is Lifepro Worth It?

Finding reliable fitness equipment is not easy. The Lifepro is worth considering for finding quality and reliable equipment to meet your workout goals. Mainly, their collection is great for those who want to recover from injuries or joint pain.

In addition, the company has robust fitness items accompanying the tutorial videos. So your exercise won’t go south. Not to mention, combining versatile products and multiple workouts can provide an effective result. Overall, it has great value in quality, performance, and effectiveness.

Lifepro Pros and Cons

Check the pros and cons below to make up your mind. Carefully consider the brand’s strengths and weaknesses to ensure you won’t make an unworthy purchase.


  • Premium quality of construction
  • Backed by science
  • Versatile usage for various workouts target
  • Wide selection of products
  • Great community for a better workout experience
  • Professional coaches to help you exercise
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Up to lifetime warranty
  • Thousands of positive testimonials


  • Only ship to Canada and the US
  • The vibration platform can be slightly heavy
  • Only minor complaints like size and weight.

Lifepro Customer Service

How To Contact

If you have any questions, suggestions, testimonials, or help, its customer service would love to hear from you. So contact them using the following contact information:

Headquarters Address

Lifepro Fitness LLC
465 Industrial Way W Eatontown
NJ 07724, United States

Where To Buy Lifepro

The Lifepro fitness equipment is available on online shopping platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Lowe’s. However, purchasing it from its official shopping store at is the best place. Enjoy a risk-free purchase with authentic products and a warranty!


Frequently Asked Questions

When surfing for the Lifepro review, many people wonder about several questions. So check some inquiries that most people also asked.

What does LifePro do for your body?

Every fitness equipment has a different effect on your body due to the targeting. For instance, the vibration plate is designed to stimulate the body muscles. So, muscles will contract and relax to improve flexibility, balance and strength.

Is there any Lifepro app?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an app, but you can fully access the free video to leverage your equipment on the official YouTube channel. Besides, join the Facebook group to stay in touch with the community.


The fitness equipment now is much more home gym friendly. Our Lifepro Fitness review has shown you how to get a reliable fitness experience. This company has a great fitness equipment collection with easy-to-follow videos and a fitness community.

The brand offers a reliable product along with tutorials for an effective fitness goal. Moreover, it’s well known for its great aid in recovery exercise. Thus, effectively reach your fitness goal with Lifepro Fitness!

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