Sportneer Reviews

In this modern technology, we rarely go out and stuck with our phones and couches. Here, Eric He realized that we must change for better physical health and well-being. Then, he built Sportneer to help us to exercise easily in 2016.

Sportneer Reviews
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This brand aims to provide the most accessible and reliable fitness equipment and platform. It can help us get high-quality, comprehensive fitness products at your comfortable home.

Now, this brand has become one of the reliable brands in the fitness industry, with a line of best-selling items on Amazon. Plus, its product has gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts, with over 42K followers on Facebook and 4.2K on Instagram.

But what’s precisely its selling point? Is it the best choice over other big brands? So, our Sportneer review will explain more about its products, testimonials, pricing, deals, and more. Let’s uncover the negative and positive sides!

Why Sportneer Company?

Sportneer is a brand with a comprehensive collection of fitness products, from massage guns to exercise bikes. It has a durable construction and is surprisingly priced reasonably. With its compact design, it delivers excellent performance for home usage.

Another thing that is worth praising is the app’s compatibility. This feature is a great addition for home gymers. You can access more information about your workout and monitor your performance. Plus, find a coaching video for proper training.

Supported by a responsive customer service team, they’ll assist your purchasing journey for a greater experience. Not to mention, the fast shipping and 30-day return policy guarantee higher satisfaction.

What's On Sportneer

As you know, Sportneer is a brand that helps you sweat on your phone. The comprehensive collections cover everything from resistance bands and massage guns to exercise bikes to yoga mats.

All the fitness products are engineered for the home gym. So it’ll be designed with compact design and high features for a comprehensive workout at home. Besides, it also has a camping product collection. Below is more detail about each collection.

Sportneer Product Collections

  • Fitness: Balance Board, Ankle Weights, Wrist Strengthener, Smart Scale, etc
  • Cycling: Exercise Bike, Bike Trainer Stand, Bike Lock, Cycling Apparel, Bike Parts, etc
  • Outdoors: Camping Chair, Camping Table, Camping Cot, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad, etc

With a feature-packed design, many of its products become best-selling among fitness enthusiasts. But are all the items worth your dollars? Let’s see whether its fitness equipment is as good as what people say in the Sportneer review below!

Sportneer Elite D9 Massage Gun Review

Elite D9 Percussive Massage Gun

Struggling with muscle pain in your post-workout? Elite D9 Percussive Massage Gun is a powerful massager that can activate or recover your muscles. Comes in lightweight and quiet operation at only 40dB. Use it discreetly anywhere, whether in the gym or the office.

Sportneer Elite D9 Massage Gun Review
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The powerful 220W brushless motor and 0.47-inch stroke length offer strong sensing power and accurate picture percussion. Furthermore, adjust the 6 interchangeable heads and 6 vibration modes to tackle stubborn knots or soreness.

The deep-tissue therapeutic percussion massage gun relieves muscle spasms, reduces muscle atrophy, and increases blood circulation. Also, it can help to soothe myalgia pain, ease muscle tension, and boost exercise performance.

Sportneer Massage Gun Details

  • Dimensions: 13.1*10.6*3.7 inches
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Frequency: 2Hz-55Hz
  • Speed: 1300RPM-3200RPM
  • What’s included: (1) Massage Gun, (6) Alternative Heads, and (1) Box

Using the rechargeable 3400mAh lithium battery offers long-lasting 2-6 hours usage. Plus, it has a 10-minute auto-off feature for overheating and burn prevention. So, no more muscle aches and tightness with a powerful massage gun at $64.99 after being discounted for 50% off!

Sportneer Bike Trainer Review

Fluid Indoor Bike Trainer Stand

Having a sport bike but the climate never support your productivity? No worry. The Sportneer Fluid Indoor Bike Trainer Stand will help you comfortably bike in your home. It’s a great choice to keep cycling in any weather.

Sportneer Bike Trainer Review
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If you have a tight budget to purchase an exercise bike, this bike stand can be the best option. Furthermore, it’s suitable for bikes between 26″ and 29″ as well as compatible with 700C bikes.

The fluid, high-quality spinning ensures smooth, silent spinning. Won’t disturb people around you. Constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel, the bike exercise stand offers maximum durability. It also features a dual-locking system for safe and sturdy cycling.

Sportneer Bike Stand Details

  • Dimensions: 25.6*21.6*7.7 inches
  • Weight: 24.25 Lbs

Additionally, the bike trainer setup is effortless and intuitive. Install it at snap. After the usage, fold it to make it easy to store. So, turn your bike into an indoor exercise bike with this compact and reliable bike trainer stand at $189.99!

Sportneer Ankle Weights Review

Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Weights

Face plateau in your regular workout? The Sportneer Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Weights are designed to add resistance to your workout for better results. It’s usable for multiple workouts, including yoga, aerobics, pilates, running, traveling, walking, core training, and more.

Sportneer Ankle Weights Review
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In addition, the leg weights are adjustable with the 5 removable sand pockets. So simply take or inserts to adjust the weights. The velcro strap and extendable lengths deliver the best fit for your ankles and wrists.

Moreover, this weights features a neoprene exterior, sturdy outer trim, and reinforced stitching. When you hold it in your hands, these combinations provide super softness for ultimate comfort.

Overall, it’ll help strength increase, muscle rehabilitation, physical therapy improvement, and balance improvement.

Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Weights Details

  • Weights: 5lbs, 3.5lbs, 2lbs, and 6.5lbs
  • Colors: Black, Purple, Orange, Blue, and Pink

Available in 5lbs to 6.5lbs size with various color options from black to pink. Choose based on your preferences and strengths. Thus, level up your workout for more intensive performance with these ankle and wrist weights starting from $29.99!

Sportneer Exercise Bike Reviews

Flywheel S1 Exercise Bike

The Flywheel S1 Exercise Bike is the ultimate fitness equipment that allows you to leverage a rich exercise program in your home. Using the adjustable magnetic resistance system delivers a noiseless working-out experience.

Sportneer Exercise Bike Reviews
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To adjust the resistance, simply turn the knob to raise or lower the resistance. And press the knop to make the bike stop immediately. In addition, this exercise bike uses a thick carbon steel bracket with a triangular support structure. This construction enhances its safety, stability, and comfort.

The multi-slot belt drive is designed to run smoothly, boost uniform force, and avoid bet slippage. Moreover, the belt drive system is highly durable and needs almost no maintenance. On top of that, the Sportneer app will allow you to monitor and access course and fitness videos.

S1 Exercise Bike Details

  • Dimensions: 40.5*30.5*10.5inches
  • Weight: 62 Pounds

One thing that we like about it is the universal size. The handlebars and seat cushion are adjustable, allowing better usage for various user heights. Find your most comfortable riding posture. Thus, enjoy a comprehensive workout with this exercise bike at $549.99!

Sportneer Camping Chair Review

Lightweight Portable Folding Camping Chair

Love to camping? A compact and comfortable chair is a must-have item in your camping activity. The Sportneer Lightweight Portable Folding Camping Chair is designed to help you unwind.

Sportneer Camping Chair Review
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Designed with the 4 supporting points and square structure, it will give your ultimate stability with 330 lbs load capacity. More importantly, the 900D Oxford cloth and heavy-duty 7075 aluminum alloy will deliver robust durability.

The foldable Oxford cloth and metal poles make the setup effortless. Plus, this portable chair is easy to clean. Simply wipe the chair using a damp cloth or soap water.

Camping Chair Details

  • Dimensions: 21.5*21*26 inches
  • Weight: 2 lbs

The material and design are an excellent combination for every outdoor enthusiast, including camper, adventurer, backpacker, hiker, and more. So, fold it and bring it to your adventure, whether for beach, concert party, camping, hiking, or picnic at $99.99!

Sportneer Pricing

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the reasons why this brand became the best-selling brand on Amazon is the reasonable pricing. So, its price is relatively affordable compared to fitness equipment in the market.

On the website, the price ranges from $9.99 to $549.99. The lowest-priced item is Bike Gloves and the highest is the Flywheel S1 Exercise Bike. FYI, you can check all product collections to the current sale. Or simply join the email list for an exclusive discount code and perks!

Sportneer Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

In order to know every inch about this brand, including the positive and negative side, it’s essential to check the customer testimonial. Fortunately, this brand has collected thousands of customer reviews on Amazon. Here’s the rating data of some of Amazon’s best-selling products:

Sportneer Customer Reviews

This brand is still highly rated, with a tremendous number of customer testimonials. It shows that almost all the customers are satisfied with the products and services. Now let’s check this Bike Lock review:

Here’s what I wanted. I could tie both wheels together with the long and heavy cable provided. The locks are also solid and sturdy. It is heavy to carry, but the safety does not need to be compromised.

Aside from the positive reviews above, we specifically chose one complaint testimonial. Below is a nitpick on the Balance Board review:

It’s been a lot of fun since I’ve used it for a few months. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to become relatively proficient at balancing… I guess the roller is coated with a textured sticker to provide grip. It appears durable, but I’m worried about it peeling off…

Nearly all of the customers like the construction and performance of the products. They also started with highly sturdy and reliable products. The complaints are very minor, like one of the reviews above.

Is Sportneer Worth It?

When looking for reliable workout equipment, Sportneer is truly worth it. With its commitment to quality, functionality, and affordability, this brand offers well-constructed products to help you reach your fitness goal.

In addition, the products have superb performance thanks to their innovative and durable construction. The compact design will ensure you can leverage a comprehensive workout at home. Overall, it’s the best alternative to have reliable fitness equipment at a reasonable price.

Sportneer Pros and Cons

To make it easier for you to make a decision, we’ve summarized this brand’s pros and cons. Here we go!


  • App compatible
  • Highly adjustable
  • Durable and steady construction
  • Compact and portable design
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Fast shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Overwhelming positive testimonials


  • No free shipping
  • Some products are out of stock
  • The fabric in ankle weights seems flimsy.

Sportneer Customer Service

How To Contact

The customer would love to hear anything from you. So reach out to customer service below for any personal touch or questions:

Headquarters Address

No. 6, Building 77
Jiangdong Street
Yiwu CN 322099

Where To Buy Sportneer

The best destination to browse its fitness collection is the official store at Aside from that, its products are also available on Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and eBay.


Frequently Asked Questions

When reading a Sportneer review, you may have some questions lingering in your mind. Here are some related questions that other customers also typically ask.

Is Sportneer bike lock good?

Yes, the bike lock is well-designed. It uses durable, quality manganese steel and cut-resistant cable.

Is Sportneer compatible with Zwift?

The Smart Bike Trainer Electromagnetic Bicycle Trainers Stand is compatible with Zwift.

How do you remove a bike from a Sportneer bike trainer?

Simply push the press-down lever clamp to release that remove the bike or ride.

Where is Sportneer located?

The company is located in Yiwu, China.


To wrap up our Sportneer review, this brand is a truly top-notch option for reliable fitness equipment. You can select a selection of equipment with a comprehensive workout to reach your fitness goals.

Further, it has app connectivity to access expensive professional coaching and tutorial videos. There, you can also monitor your performance. So, improve your fit and reach your fitness goal with Sportneer!

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