Urikar Reviews

Having a healthy life needs effort. Whether lifestyle, diet, or even regular workout. But we can’t deny that exercise can leave pain in your body. Starting in 2015, Bob Xiong established Urikar in Colorado, USA.

Urikar Reviews
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He created effective therapies for muscle pains and recovery in simpler and smarter ways. Starting from the massage gun, this brand keeps expanding its collection with other indoor and outdoor fitness equipment.

All of its product innovation is purposed with one sole mission for lifelong healthy habits. Its commitment led it to be featured in several media, like Forbes, Bomaker, CalorieBee, and more. Not to mention its popularity on Facebook, with 10K followers and 1K on Instagram.

Thus, if you want to gather all the information about this brand, stay tuned for our Urikar review. We’ll help you to make wise decisions by uncovering its quality and worthiness. Let’s start diving!

Why Urikar Massager and Fitness Equipment?

Before jumping to the product reviews, we want to explain the company’s promise and reasons to purchase. Infused with a passion for innovation and exploration, the brand strives to offer well-developed products. Its products will be exclusively works for sport and fitness enthusiasts.

Not stopping there, it uses the latest technology for better health solutions. One of the features is the app that works with its high standards products. All of this effort is to help you reach fitness goals with next-level fitness experience.

Aside from the product quality, the customer service couldn’t be underestimated. The brand strives for an outstanding customer purchase experience. Thus, it covers the product with free shipping, 30 money-back guarantees, and a 12-month warranty.

What's On Urikar

Urikar aims to offer products that can help you have a healthier body. Basically, its primary expertise is percussive massage guns. But it also has others like sports and fitness equipment, health devices, and more.

All the items are designed to provide professional and tailored health and fitness solutions usage. Besides, its smart fitness devices are accompanied by a comprehensive health service platform. Here are the various product collections:

Urikar Product Collections

Indoor Equipment Weight Bench and Spinning Bike
Outdoor Equipment Paddleboard
Massage Gun Pro 1, Pro 2, Pro 3, AT1, and M1
Measurement Equipment Body Fat Scale
Accessories Power Adapter, Head Attachment, Travel Carrying Case, T-Shirts, and more

What a long list. Next, we’ll elaborate on some best-selling items in the Urikar review section below. Let’s know every part of it to see the quality!

Urikar AT1 Review

AT1 Professional AI-Powered Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Now, let’s start the review with the Urikar AT1 Massage Gun. This best-selling QuietForce AI-powered deep tissue massage gun features a QuietForce brushless motor for noiseless performance. It also can give 50 pounds of stall force and up to 3600 RPM speed.

Urikar AT1 Review
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The manual and auto modes also offer a next-level application. Even more, to boost smart usage, it boasts a smart dashboard and massage head recognition. So, the dashboard will collect, analyze, display, and instruct you in every message cycle.

In addition, we love the unique D-shaped design with an anti-slip handle. Make it much easier to hold in various ways. Plus, use the 6 recognizable attachments for a personalized performance.

Powered with a 3600mAh battery, it will provide 10 hours of standby and 3 hours for full charging. Thus, get instant relief even in hard-to-reach areas with this Urikar Massage Gun AT1 at $269.99!

Urikar Pro 3 Massage Gun Review

Pro 3 High-Powered, Quiet Massage Gun with 30 Speed Levels

Here it is, the most advanced percussive massager in its collection! The Urikar Pro 3 High-Powered Quiet Massage Gun is a super robust massage with 30 speeds of 1200-3600 RMP and 45 pounds of stall force. Combines with the 6 professional massage heads to meet various massage needs.

Urikar Pro 3 Massage Gun Review
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urikar.com https://urikar.com

Aside from being super in speed and customization, it has a super compact size. It’s only 10.35x10x2.95 inches and 2.6 pounds in weight. Easy to bring anywhere with a portable carrying case.

Run with only 35-42dB noise. Feel free to use it in your home office and gym. Not to worry about disturbing others. Besides, it has a 14 mm amplitude can deliver a rapid and profound tapping for recovery. But, unlike the AT1, it has less battery power with 2600mAh capacity.

This item is outstanding for myofascial trigger points and muscle soreness. So whether you’re an athlete, office crowd, driver, bodybuilder, or anyone else, grab this versatile massage gun at $159.99!

Urikar Pro 2 Review

Pro 2 Heated Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun with Rotating Handle

Need more than percussion? How about adding an extra heating effect to your massager? The Urikar Pro 2 Heated Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun has an upgraded heating head.

Urikar Pro 2 Review
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The 45-degree constant temperature heating function will effectively reduce muscle tension and relax the joint. With the 3 massage modes and 6 speeds, customize your massage with up to 3600 percussion per minute.

It also has a long-lasting performance with a 2600mAh battery capacity. On top of that, the compact size of 10.35 x 10 x 2.95 inches and 2.6 weight make it easy to carry. Simply put it in the carrying case and bring it anywhere.

Available in green, blue, grey, and black, choose one based on your favorite color. Ready to get an intensive and penetrating massage easily? Enjoy a deep-tissue muscle massage with a heating function anywhere for only $169.99!

Urikar M1 Mini Massage Gun Reviews

M1 Mini Portable Muscle Treatment Massage Gun

Looking for a massager that fits your clutch? Look no further than this Urikar Mini Massage Gun M1. It’s a super cute size with only 1.1 lbs and is perfectly portable for outdoor use.

Urikar M1 Mini Massage Gun Reviews
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urikar.com https://urikar.com

This little monster has a huge power with a 24V high torque brushless motor. Only 35dB noise when running. Furthermore, it delivers 40 lbs stroke and 12 mm vibration amplitude. It works best for muscle pain, fatigue, and lactic acid build-up.

Compared to the larger massager, this M1 is not inferior at all. It offers a last performance with a 2600 mAh battery. Also, you’ll love the power bank function to keep your phone and other device on. What a versatile device.

This mini massager is only equipped with one large round silicone head. This skin-friendly head is suitable for any part of the body. So, bring this tiny but mighty percussive massager at $109.99. FYI, it’s currently on sale for $79.99!

Urikar Exercise Bike Reviews

Flex V10 Indoor Spinning Bike with 4.3-in Large-screen Smart LCD Monitor

Expanding its collection to fitness equipment, the Urikar Flex V10 Indoor Spinning Bike is the top in the line. This is the perfect indoor cycling bike for a home gym cardio workout. A versatile item for burning fat in the legs, back, and abdomen.

Urikar Exercise Bike Reviews
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urikar.com https://urikar.com

The belt can run quietly to avoid disturbing your housemate or neighbor. Also, it has an ergonomic design with adjustable handlebars and a wide cushioned seat. Simply adjust the height and handlebar for the ultimate comfort.

Additionally, the smart LCD computer offers comprehensive metrics. It can track the cadence, time, heart rate, distance, and calories. Furthermore, you can leverage the iPad holder to help you work out while watching TV series, video tutorials, and more.

The build is also worth the acknowledgment. It uses a well-made and sturdy triangular structure frame for a durable build. So, buckle up and start pedaling with this sleek spin bike at $499.99!

Urikar Massage Gun Price

How Much Does It Cost?

Well, you already know how good its products are. Still, you should know how much its collections are. Based on the display, Urikar’s price range is $15.99 to $599.99. The cheapest is Standard Massage Heads for Pro 1/Pro 2, and the highest is Flex V10 Indoor Spinning Bike.

So that you know, the price of its product can’t get lower. Thanks to the impressive sales and savings it has. So check the perks information below to make your best purchase:

  • Free shipping for US and EU countries
  • Find the products on sale on the Deals page
  • 30% OFF by applying the URK30FF coupon code
  • Join the email list for an exclusive discount code and the latest news!

Urikar Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

After knowing our opinion about the products, we also should know the customers’ opinions. It’ll help you see genuine positive or negative opinions about the products. When scouring the website, this brand doesn’t have customer reviews.

However, we discovered that it has many customer testimonials on Walmart. Here’s the review and rating data on some of its items on Walmart:

Shockingly, the products have a nearly perfect rating from Walmart and several expert reviewers. But what do all of the people state after trying the products? So, let’s check this SUP review from a customer:

Love this paddle board!…it’s effortlessly portable, uses an electric hand pump to inflate, and the fins are easy to install by design and can be deployed within 10-15 minutes! The board is sturdy and stable, allowing these 210# people to have hours of fun. Planning to buy more for the family to enjoy…

Another customer also said:

The massage gun is excellent for the service provided as well as the price. It is reasonably priced for the quality of the product. In hand, it feels very durable, battery life is good, and it’s not as loud as I expected, which is a big plus! So, I 100% recommend it…

Considering the Urikar reviews from customer, most of them has no issues with the products. They state how the products work as the brands’ statement. The price is also reasonable with good quality and performance.

Is Urikar Worth It?

If you are specifically looking for an affordable massage gun, then Urikar is worth purchasing. At reasonable prices, its product already has high features like robust speed levels and heating features.

Is Urikar Worth It?
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facebook.com/UrikarOfficial https://facebook.com/UrikarOfficial

In addition, the innovative design ensures highly portable usage. More importantly, the durable build and large battery will ensure the longevity. So, consider your needs and budget to make the best investment in massager and workout equipment.

Urikar Pros and Cons

From our opinion above and truly impeccable products, you may can’t wait to check out the cart. Yet, take a deep breath and calm your mind. Better reconsider your decision with the pros and cons below for a wiser decision.


  • Silent performance
  • Various speed levels
  • Durable build
  • Features packed design
  • App compatible
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • 12-month warranty
  • Positive customer and expert feedback


  • Some items are sold out
  • No customer reviews on the site.

Urikar Customer Service

How To Contact

The customer service team would love to receive your message or ideas. So, if you need any help, simply reach on Monday to Friday, 9 am–5 pm PT, via:

Headquarters Address

6911 216th St
SW Ste A, Lynnwood
WA 98036

Where To Buy Urikar

Ready to restore your fit with upgraded fitness equipment? The best place to put your hand on it is by purchasing from urikar.com. In addition, the brand also sells through Amazon and Walmart!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is your brain still filled with questions? Check the FAQs listed below that most people also ask about the Urikar review.

Who is the CEO of Urikar?

This gym workout equipment brand is led by Bob Xiong as the CEO.


Now, you don’t have to worry about pushing your limit during a workout. Fortunately, post-workout muscle pain and tension will be easily relieved with a portable massage gun. Thanks to our guide to Urikar review, you know those affordable products.

Undoubtedly, this company offers cheap yet quality fitness products, from massage guns to weight benches. At a low price, it already provides convenient app compatibility, robust build, and other excellent features. Ready for a workout? Visit Urikar for a pain-free and healthier body!

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