Bluefin Fitness Reviews

The story of Bluefin Fitness started from the humble beginning of William Vaughan’s passion. He is deeply passionate about health and fitness. It led him to build the most advanced vibration massage platforms and fitness equipment in the United Kingdom.

Bluefin Fitness Reviews
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In 2013, his business was established in Hebden Bridge to provide quality, innovation and spectacular customer service. Now, this company is not only about the vibration plates. It has a broader range of fitness equipment with every effort to boost your workout experience.

Their dream of becoming the number one fitness equipment in the UK has also come true. Its products are all over the place, with over 2.4K customer reviews. What’s more, it gathers over 5.9K followers on Instagram and 2.8K on Facebook.

Wait! As a fitness enthusiast, you should know where to invest your money. Thus, we’ll take you a walk-through of this brand, including its vibration plates, treadmills, rower, and bike, in our Bluefin Fitness review!

Why Shop At Bluefin Fitness?

Finding quality fitness equipment isn’t easy since you must know whether the exercises can help you reach your fitness goal. Bluefin Fitness is a brand that you can rely on to find top fitness products. It has a selection of products with great details and features.

All products have durable build and high features for efficient exercise. The compact design and quiet performance are great in a home gym. Not to mention, the app integration makes the workouts much easier.

Another thing that we like is how its customer service is helpful and responsive to the customers. All purchases also come with free shipping, a 30-day return policy, and a 12-month warranty. What a superb products and customer service!

What's On Bluefin Fitness?

Bluefin Fitness is one of the biggest fitness equipment manufacturers in the UK, with a wide selection of product collections. For instance, the product encompasses vibration plates, rowing machines, elliptical trainers and many more.

In addition, the product is designed with high features and a great build based on your needs. So, find from the most compact design to the heaviest duty one. The company also makes it compatible with an app for a convenient exercise experience.

Product Collections

Those are the current product collections that are available on its website. However, simply knowing the product list doesn’t determine the quality. Therefore, let’s dive into the first product in our Bluefin Fitness review!

Bluefin Fitness 4D Vibration Plate Reviews

The first product on our list is the Bluefin 4D Vibration Plate, which most people are curious about. This vibration platform has 3 silent drive motors that can deliver excellent vibration, oscillation and micro-vibration.

Bluefin Fitness 4D Vibration Plate Reviews
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In addition, the intuitive LED strop light system allows you to monitor your workout intensity and progress at a glance. Not only that, it also features Bluetooth 4.0 speakers, an ergonomic remote control and an easy-to-use setting panel. What great features!

The 4D vibration plate is designed to boost the metabolism and shape and tone the body. Using cutting-edge technology is truly an all-in-one fitness solution with a massage function. So, it would be a great alternative to soothe muscles and joints post-workout.

What’s Included

  • 4D Vibration Plate
  • Remote control
  • Multi-language instruction manual
  • Resistance cords
  • Exercise poster
  • Workout & nutrition guide

Combining the 3 modes makes it great for burning fat, losing weight, toning and shaping. Besides, the Bluefin Fitness vibration plate exercises can target increasing muscle power and improving core strength. Thus, make your dream body come true with this 4D vibration plate at £389!

Bluefin Fitness TASK 2.0 Treadmill Reviews

If you’re searching for treadmills for your small apartment, you’ve come to the right place. The Bluefin TASK 2.0 Treadmill is a compact walking and running machine with a 2-in-1 folding under-desk treadmill design.

Bluefin Fitness TASK 2.0 Treadmill Reviews
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This versatile and space-saving treadmill is great for home gym and office use under your standing desk. Furthermore, it has various exercise modes and configurations with up to 8km/h speeds and 6 automatic programs.

Even at the highest speed, it’ll run smoothly thanks to the unique Aero-damping system. Not to mention, the efficient motor can run silently—no worry about disturbing your neighbour or even the next desk colleague.

Another thing we like about this Bluefin Fitness treadmill is the 5 layer anti-static track. It allows the treadmill to be underfoot with superb traction and moisture resistance.

What’s Included

  • Task 2.0 Portable Treadmill
  • Wearable remote control
  • Adjustable tablet shelf
  • Safety key
  • Tool kit
  • UK & EU power cable
  • Instruction manual book

It also features an LCD digital fitness console, Bluetooth speakers, and smartphone app integration for super performance. So, get your TASK 2.0 Treadmill for seamless running and walking in your small space at £429!

Bluefin Fitness Tour SP Bike Review

Next is the Bluefin Tour SP Exercise Bike for those looking for a biking exercise. This home gym exercise bike is designed for low-impact cardio exercise that targets joints and has great health benefits.

Bluefin Fitness Tour SP Bike Review
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It offers a safe braking facility with a heavy-duty 25kg flywheel and quiet belt drive transmission system. Furthermore, the adjustable resistance provides a great level to push yourself to reach your fitness goal.

Using the backlit LCD Display, get insight into your performance. It’ll display the measured time, calories burned, pulse rate and distance. Also, it’s very easy to read, allowing you to read while pedalling easily.

What’s Included

  • Tour SP Bike
  • Tool kit
  • Instruction manual

The Exercise Bike also has cushioned arm support, a water bottle holder, HRC pulse monitors and aluminum sports pedals. On top of that, the Kinomap fitness app makes your exercise more enjoyable by accessing live video streaming, coaching and training. No more wait; bring it home at £499!

Bluefin Fitness Blade 2.0 Rowing Machine Reviews

Like to row? This Bluefin 2.0 Blade Rowing Machine is the best option to row in your home gym. Equipping with the smooth belt drive, it can deliver a natural rowing motion like on the water.

Bluefin Fitness Blade 2.0 Rowing Machine Reviews
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Also, the optimum 10° incline provides added resistance for next-level abdominal exercise and fitness benefits. The silent magnetic resistance has 8 tension levels to meet your preference and rowing fitness goal.

Moreover, the tension control system also has natural braking for an ideal recovery technique. All of these are great features for your rowing needs in a home gym with a great exercise level.

Like other fitness equipment, this foldable rower also has an LCD to monitor your performance. Even more, it’s compatible with the Fitness app for an enhanced rowing experience in tracing and recording your workout in real time.

What’s Included

  • Blade 2.0 Magnetic Rower
  • Tool Kit
  • Instruction manual

It has ergonomic handlebars, a padded cushioned seat, and anti-slip secure foot pedals for extra comfortable rowing. So, start rowing to build muscle and strengthen your abdomen with this complete rowing workout at £359!

Bluefin Fitness Price

How Much Does It Cost?

For the price, Bluefin Fitness has a wide range of prices. It’s because this brand has multiple fitness equipment, from space savings to the pro version. All of its product on the official website ranges from £139 to £1,699.

Product Collection Price Range

Vibration Plates £149 to £389
Treadmills £429 to £1,699
Rowing Machines £299 to £899
Exercise Bikes £189.99 to £999
Elliptical Trainers £179 to £849
Massage Machine £149 to £199
Weights Benches £169
Trampoline £139

With its great features and robust build, fitness equipment is not cheap. But this brand has a great line of sales to save you bucks. Fortunately, we’ve listed all the current savings for discount hunters. Here’s the list:

  • Free shipping within the nationwide
  • Find up to 75% off on the special offers page
  • Join the email list to get special discount codes and future perks notif.

Bluefin Fitness Customer Review

What Do Customers Think?

While investigating this brand, we discovered it has many user testimonials. It indicates the best place to find every negative and positive side of the brand.

Bluefin Fitness Customer Review
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For instance, the testimonials data in has a 4.35/5 rating based on 2,419 reviews. Meanwhile, on Amazon, it rated 4/5 stars with 1,080 reviews. Before breaking down the user testimonials, check the rating data of the reviewed product above:

  • 4D Vibration Plate: 5/5 rating based on 33 reviews
  • TASK 2.0 Treadmill: 4.79/5 rating based on 14 reviews
  • Tour SP Exercise Bike: 4.97/5 rating based on 30 reviews
  • Blade Rowing Machine: 4.78/5 rating based on 18 reviews

The rating data above shows that this brand has a nearly perfect rating. Now let’s see Kick 2.0 review to know the user experience:

A great treadmill for home use. Even my wife was able to put it together by herself with a little help from me. All in all, I like the performance and functionality.

Similar to  the previous feedback, a user also has shared his experience in the Curv 3.0 review section:

I like this elliptical equipment. I put it together in 30 minutes. I weighed 200 kg, and it can hold my weight. It only takes up a little space and is light enough but sturdy enough for me to move it around. This is definitely worth buying.

To point out the customer complaint about the products, we’ve chosen a review that others also experienced.

The devices have errors like Bluetooth is not available. Support was good, fast and nice. I received a 10% refund offer.

The customer mainly stated about the good working products with a super design and exercise. The products deliver outstanding performance, functionality and even durable build. In contrast, the complaints are only about the last shipping and error Bluetooth.

Is Bluefin Fitness Worth It?

Bluefin Fitness is highly worth it in terms of use as a home gym and even commercial use. It’s designed with durable construction that can bear a heavy weight capacity. Besides, the designs also enhance comfort and high features.

Is Bluefin Fitness Worth It?
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Its compact and easy storage design is ideal for those with limited space. Also, the app offers great access to tutoring videos for a better fitness experience. So, considering the impressive performance, user-friendly design and robust build, it’s a significant investment.

Bluefin Fitness Pros And Cons

It’s time to make up your mind! Based on our research on this brand, we’ve compiled its pros and cons. So check it out! 


  • Wide selection of fitness equipment
  • Compact and easy-to-move design
  • Multiple resistance
  • Easy-to-read backlit LCD monitor 
  • Solid build with heavy-duty performance
  • App and Bluetooth integration
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days refund policy
  • 12 months warranty
  • High-rated from customers


  • Late delivery
  • Some products are unavailable, such as the Kick 2.5 Treadmill.

Bluefin Fitness Customer Service

How To Contact

Unfortunately, Bluefin Fitness doesn’t share their phone or contact number. But if you have any issues, use the various ways below to reach the customer service team:

Headquarters Address

Hebden Bridge
West Yorkshire

Where To Buy Bluefin Fitness

It’s time to start your regular fitness program. Therefore, you should grab the equipment exclusively from its official website at Also, find its collection on online shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc. Let’s get one and be the better you!


Frequently Asked Questions

Before purchasing a product, you may have many questions about the brand. Thus, check the FAQ below regarding the Bluefin Fitness review, which is also being questioned by people.

Who are Bluefin Fitness?

This UK company offers fitness equipment like vibration massage plates, treadmills and many more.

What is the warranty on Bluefin Fitness?

Most of its fitness equipment is covered with a 12-month warranty.

What does Bluefin Fitness do?

Its fitness item allows you to work out at home with comprehensive exercise efficiently.

Where can I find the Bluefin Fitness vibration plate manual?

Typically, all of its equipment comes with a manual book or instruction. In case you lost it, find the manual instructions in the PDF version on every product page.

Is the Bluefin Fitness app good?

Most of its products are compatible with app integration using the Kinomap. It has all the essential features for your exercise needs. So, it’s relatively good.


Bluefin Fitness has your back when it comes to home gym equipment. It has a great collection of vibration plates and ellipticals that’ll do wonders in your home. It has a high features and compact design.

On top of that, it has Bluetooth and app integration for accessing tutoring videos. Lastly, we hope our Bluefin Fitness review can help to upgrade your home gym experience. Have a happy workout!

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