Octomoves Reviews

Octomoves is a company based in the USA that manufactures high-quality, multipurpose fitness equipment, primarily ropes. They focus on Resistance Movement Training (RMT).

Octomoves Reviews
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RMT is a popular form of exercise. They use smooth, multidirectional movements to work the entire body. It is to improve strength, flexibility, and coordination.

You’ll adore it because the brand’s rope is made from durable materials with a unique shape. So it makes it ideal for all types of workouts.

People who enjoy exercising seem to have an interest in the brand’s rope. As of writing this review, they boast 5k followers and likes on their Facebook page. Well, they’re still working on their Instagram page to gain more followers at present.

Curious to know more about the brand? We’ll discuss all the brand’s information on a deep level. If so, let’s jump in!

Why Octomoves?

The brand’s rope collection got great feedback. People liked how well it worked, how long the materials lasted, and how it could be used in many different ways. They liked how well it fits into their different workout routines, which they said was a big plus. In particular, its ability to make traditional exercises work better.

With the Octomoves, you can exercise with different muscle groups at once. Of course, this will make your workouts more effective. Also, it helps you get better results in less time.

Moreover, the brand’s rope comes in different lengths. So people with different heights and fitness levels can use it. You can use a rope that is 10 feet long, which is the standard length.

Don’t worry if the rope doesn’t suit your preference. They provide custom lengths to make sure each one fits just right for you.

Perhaps you’re wondering, how about the diameter? It is 1.5 inches. It’s super easy to hold, so we bet that you’ll be comfortable using it for a long time.

What’s more? The brand makes the rope without any reason. You’ll feel amazed by how the high-quality materials will make the rope last for years.

If you don’t know, the rope has 8 strands that are braided together. It is to make it stronger and more flexible. That’s why you can use it for hard RMTs.

Nothing to compare. The rope is different from other ropes. It is because they come with a cover that will keep them in good condition even if it is used a lot.

What's On Octomoves

Octomoves is a fitness company that wants to change the way people exercise with a flexible strap.

What's On Octomoves
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The brand is managed by a group of fitness fans and experts. They wanted to create new exercise equipment and programs for people of all fitness levels and preferences.

The brand’s main idea: exercise should be easy, fun, and effective for everyone. No matter what their experience or background is.

Octomoves Products

  • Black Swan
  • Phoenix
  • Flowzilla
  • Hydra
  • Funky Zen Green
  • Funky Zen Purple
  • Kraken Khaki
  • Kraken Burgundy

Octomoves App Review: Features and Cost

The Octomoves app plays an important role in the roping experience. It has many features that help users improve their training and keep track of their progress.

Octomoves App Review: Features and Cost
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The app has many features. It includes the following:

  • Custom workouts
  • Personalized fitness plans
  • Performance tracking and analytics
  • Access to a helpful online community

As we checked, the app is actually free to download. But if you want to get full access to premium features. You can consider getting a subscription to give you more value and resources.

What we like about the app is that it lets you create based on your own workouts. You can have exercise routines that fit your needs and goals.

What if the default settings aren’t what you want? The app lets you set your own preferences and parameters for the exercises you like best. So, of course, you can make a workout plan that works best for you and change it as you get fitter.

Confused about how to set it up? Nothing to worry about. The expert trainer is ready to assist you in making your own fitness plans. These plans take your fitness levels, goals, and also your personal preferences. With this, it’s easy for you to stay on track and make a good plan for your next workouts. Absolutely, you’ll get what you want out of it.

The Octomoves app lets you keep track of your performance and look at it in detail. You can see how you’re doing and use that to decide how to change your workouts.

The app keeps you motivated and on track with your fitness goals. You’ll find out how often, how hard, and how well your workouts are helping you.

The Octomoves app gives you access to a supportive online community and expert coaches. You can use this network to ask questions, get advice and share your successes with others that have the same struggle as you.

Lastly, the Octomoves community will also help you stay motivated and committed to your fitness journey through friendship and support.

Octomoves Workout Programs and Plans

The brand developed various programs and workout plans to ensure you get the most out of their Octomoves Rope.

Octomoves Workout Programs and Plans
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These programs provide beginners and advanced users options to gain different fitness levels, goals, and interests.

To empower you the maximize the benefits of their ropes and achieve your fitness goals, the brand offers workout plans that are structured and easy to follow.

The brand’s ropes have been designed to be effective for versatility, allowing you to perform various exercises that target different muscle groups.

Not only that, the brand’s ropes can be seamlessly integrated into any workout routine, from strength and cardio training to flexibility and mobility exercises.

This adaptability ensures that you can continue challenging yourself and progressing in your fitness journey.

One of the main selling points of the Octomoves Rope is its customization options. This makes it a truly personalized fitness tool by allowing you to choose your preferred rope length, color, and additional accessories.

In addition, the brand’s rope also comes with a level of flexibility that allows you to customize it to meet your needs and preferences.

The brand takes pride in its team of expert trainers dedicated to providing users guidance, support, and education. 

They ensure customers have access to the knowledge and expertise users need to optimize their workouts and achieve fitness goals through instructional videos, online resources, and one-on-one coaching.

Octomoves Pricing

Octomoves offers competitive strap pricing, making them accessible to many customers. The price varies based on the length of the strap and any additional features or customization options.

Overall, the brand provides excellent value for its price, given the high-quality materials, innovative design, and range of exercises it can accommodate.

Octomoves Pros and Cons

Before wrapping up this review, we summarized some pros & cons of the brand that you may take into consideration before buying the product.


  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Versatile and effective for various workout routines
  • Customizable to suit individual needs and preferences
  • Comprehensive workout programs and plans
  • Expert trainer support and a supportive online community
  • Tracking performance and analytics through the Octomoves App


  • May require a learning curve for those new to RMT
  • Premium app features require a subscription

Is Octomoves Worth It?

Octomoves offers recommended and worthwhile products for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Their straps work very well in addressing various complaints such as; neck pain, frozen shoulder, scoliosis, carpal tunnel, to low back & back pain.

In addition, their straps can be used for anyone and anywhere. Better yet, these ropes are great for exercise and relaxing your body and mind.

Octomoves Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

After reading the pros & cons of the brand, we can know that the brand offers its users more benefits. But do those users feel the same way? Let’s see what customers have to say about this brand.

Octomoves Customer Reviews
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On the Trustpilot website, this brand is rated 4.6/5 stars. In addition, we found a customer saying that this brand’s strap has good quality and excellent customer service. This customer said:

The product quality is great, and the customer service is amazing. They’re friendly, helpful, and genuine. Such a great company! Also, the courses are of great value, as well.

Furthermore, a customer was satisfied with her purchase of the brand’s rope because it felt comfortable and made the load flow well without making it feel too heavy. She said:

I recently received my Octomoves products. They came nicely packaged and are all of the good quality. The ropes convey a nice feel on my hand, and the heft flows well without being too heavy….

Not only is the brand’s product quality and service good, the brand’s delivery speed also seems very fast. As this customer said:

Such a fast delivery! The rope is of good quality. I’m also pleased with the free content on YouTube. You can start flowing when you know a few of the basic moves. I like that a lot!

After browsing other customers’ reviews of this brand, we are not surprised that this brand deserves a 4.6/5 star review as the quality, customer service, and delivery speed are all excellent. In addition, we rarely encounter customers with unfavorable complaints about this brand. 

Octomoves Customer Service

How To Contact Octomoves

Have some questions to ask brands? Use some of the ways below to connect with them:

Where To Buy Octomoves

You can get the Octomoves product collection directly on its official website. In addition, this brand also has an authorized seller on Amazon, making it easier for those of you who like to shop on the marketplace.


Octomoves is an innovative fitness brand that offers users innovative, practical, and versatile workout products and solutions. Its straps have unique designs, high-quality materials, and customizable features.

In addition, the brand also provides various workout programs, plans, and routines coupled with dedicated apps to ensure users have everything they need to succeed in their fitness journey. 

Furthermore, the brand also excels with its versatility, durability, and customizable features. That makes it a tool that can be used by anyone who wants to improve their workouts and achieve better results. 

In conclusion, Octomoves has revolutionized the fitness industry and set a new standard for exercise equipment with competitive product prices and a complete range of products and services.

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