Weck Method Reviews

In 2013, WeckMethod was founded by David Weck, whose biomechanics expertise. Meanwhile, the brand is currently under the leadership of Marty Shannon as the CEO, with headquarters in San Diego, California.

Weck Method Reviews
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Since its establishment, this brand has been dedicated to physical fitness advancement and personal well-being. This mission leverages innovation, training equipment, and impactful movement concept.

Its first launched product is RMT Club which has been harnessed by people worldwide. It includes the best athletes from various sports fields. Moreover, this brand has over 50.4K followers on Instagram and 19K on Facebook.

With this long history, it’s legit. But are you sure it’s worth it for your training need? So, we’ll dig deeper into this brand in our WeckMethod review. Let’s figure out whether it’s worth it for you!

Why WeckMethod?

Finding the proper training tools for your sport is not easy. WeckMethod is a brand that offers training solutions with patented products to improve your skill and physical health.

The product is innovative new training concepts and methodologies that are more the past concepts. It also provides new inroads into personal well-beings and physical education. Besides, all the innovation is well-developed and thoroughly tested to ensure performance.

This brand is truly a solution to increase your training more effectively with targeted results. In addition, it also provides free shipping, a 30-day return policy, and up to a 2-year warranty.

What's On Weck Method Shop

WeckMethod is a brand that innovates training and performance systems. Combining innovative equipment and tailored training can improve mobility, strength, body mechanics, and balance.

So it’ll enhance the overall athletic movement and performance. The products are also pretty effective and suitable for sports like baseball, golf, MMA, and gym.

Currently, the brand has 6 patented training equipment and several other products. Now, check the product collections below for further details.

Weck Method Training Collections

This brand delivers a great collection of training equipment trusted among athletes. Many top athletes like Jordan Burroughs, Austin Barnes, and Justin James have tried its products.

Need more information about the products? Let’s move to the next section of our WeckMethod review to learn more about the products!

WeckMethod RMT Club Review

The RMT Club is the best-selling training equipment that is highly versatile. The patented design and stand-in-class features provide versatility for training. So, it allows the user to target specific regions like shoulders, core, back, and legs.

WeckMethod RMT Club Review
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shop.weckmethod.com https://shop.weckmethod.com

Besides, it has several targeted focuses to enhance rotation, mobility, conditioning, and total body integration. It also features a robust weight-shifting head and a durable, flexible head with an ergonomic design.

This product is one of the best-selling items known among the best athletes. Basically, it’s because the item can be used for sports training like tennis, golf, baseball, and more. It would be great to try new training equipment that’s also great for conditioning and recovery.

The RMT Club is available in several weights like 2, 4, 6, and 8 lb. Choose one based on your strength and the training focus. So, change how you train and improve your performance at $104.95-$119.95!

WeckMethod BOSU Elite Review

Here’s another training equipment that we’re intrigued by. The BOSU Elite Dome has a robust design that can generate maximum explosive power. It indicates that using it for training, whether hands or feet, will provide a responsive power.

WeckMethod BOSU Elite Review
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shop.weckmethod.com https://shop.weckmethod.com

Aside from the high performance, the dome is tough for excellent durability. It also includes all-new programming and patented techniques that bring something new to your training routine.

So, it’ll allow you to perform many exercises from core to conditioning. Enjoy a complete workout with different hits to various targets and combinations. It encompasses exercises from squatting to benching, targeting tendons, joints, and muscles.

Hence, leverage a new fun training with this WeckMethod Dome at $199.95. Or save $40 on a BOSU Elite 2-pack and $120 on a 4-pack!

WeckMethod Rope Training Reviews

Need to upgrade your jump rope or battle rope? The WeckMethod RMT Rope is a premium rope purposed for integrating the movements. It also works for unifying the body to work as a complete system.

WeckMethod Rope Training Reviews
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shop.weckmethod.com https://shop.weckmethod.com

Using this rope, you can learn how to have a complete and fluid movement pattern. It’ll focus on the rational movement of the body by moving the legs, pelvis, hips, and shoulders. This RMT will provide optimal carryover from the gym to particular athletic endeavors.

Furthermore, the rope is available in original and premium RMT rope. The premium rope employs hybrid performance technology. It features a strong core or Vectran and polyolefin blend with a durable polyester cover.

It’s the most effective and efficient training to develop core strength, coordination, mobility, and rotational power. So, leverage the myriad training of this more-than-typical rope at $45.95 for the original and $79.95 for the premium rope!

WeckMethod Sole Steps Reviews

Struggling with Foot collapse to fallen arches? WeckMethod SoleSteps is a product that helps you get relief from these issues. Using four key points, it’s engineered to relieve stress from daily activities like standing, walking, and exercising.

WeckMethod Sole Steps Reviews
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shop.weckmethod.com https://shop.weckmethod.com

The points will create a unique slope and angle combination to deliver full foot support and build strength. By standing on these products, your body will start to sense and adjust to a better and more assertive posture.

Surprisingly, you’ll feel the effect starting from the feet to your neck. So the feet connected to the ground can improve the body’s function. Furthermore, it’ll help with energy, mood, and productivity improvement.

The size fits most feet and is versatile for every use, whether at home, office or during exercise. Hence, easily fix your structural issues and improve with this SoleSteps at $89.95-$169.95!

Weck Method Punch Pads Reviews

The WM Punch Pads are designed to provide unique protection when training your punches to the bare-knuckles range. It also will increase the accuracy and penetrate the punch’s power.

Weck Method Punch Pads Reviews
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shop.weckmethod.com https://shop.weckmethod.com

In addition, the punch pad is extraordinarily convenient and easy to wear. The unique design also provides access to gripping and holding objects. So, you can do circuit training of striking sets with zero delay as well as other multiple kinds of exercises.

In time, this product will form your knuckles and provide a better training method with excellent protection. It’s absolutely a great punch pad that allows you to perform optimally.

If you are interested, grab this WeckMethod Punch Pad at $29.95. Psst, you can save $10 on a 2-pack set and $24 on a 4-pack set!

WeckMethod Pricing

When it comes to pricing, WeckMethod offers reasonable pricing with quality material. It ranges from $14.95 to $562.95, from single products to complete training kits. Down below is the information about the pricing of several products collection.

  • Equipment: $14.95-$199.95
  • Apparel: $34.95-$137.99
  • Prototypes: $129.95-$275.00
  • Partner Brands: $99.99-$229.00
  • Training Kits: $134.95-$562.95

Although the pricing is already affordable, this brand has various perks. Here’s the list of perks that we’ve hunted down:

  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Get special save by purchasing the packs
  • Join the email list to get discount codes, new product launches, and training course notifications

WeckMethod Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Review is one thing that is worth pricing about this brand. With its name in the industry, WeckMethod obtains 587 reviews with a 4.9/5 average rating. Besides, most products slo receive positive reviews and ratings. Here’s the evidence:

WeckMethod Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/WeckMethod
facebook.com/WeckMethod https://facebook.com/WeckMethod
  • RMT Club get 151 reviews with a 4.9/5 rating
  • SoleSteps receives 125 reviews with a 4.9/5 rating
  • RMT Rope obtain 100 reviews total with a 4.9/5 rating

The data above shows a nearly perfect rating indicating the good quality of the product and service. Here’s one of WeckMethod reviews from the customers:

We got used to using the BOSU ball at our local gym but felt it would be more beneficial if we also had one at home. As we age, my wife and I try to focus on balance. This Elite model is better than the Pro model we have at our local gym. Very pleased with the quality and overall buying experience!

Another customer also said:

I purchased the 4-pound stick, but it was a bit heavy initially, so I ordered the 2-pound stick. I like the product but hesitate to hit or bang it against anything. I would strongly recommend it.

Considering customer testimonials, we found that most customers were satisfied with the purchase. The training equipment offers complete exercise for better training and programming. We also hardly find negative reviews about the products.

Is WeckMethod Worth It?

When it comes to effective training, the WeckMethod is worth considering. It has innovative training equipment that is dedicated to your needs to improve your performance. In one item, the user can enjoy various types of exercise with different targets.

The usage can be slightly tricky for newbies. Fortunately, the company offers training programs, workshops, and even certification. Not to mention the free training video on YoutTube. Overall, this brand offers the best product collection, from strengthening to conditioning.

WeckMethod Pros And Cons

To make it easier to find its strengths and drawbacks, we’ve jotted down the pros and cons below. So take a look carefully to ensure the right choice.


  • Versatile usage
  • Durable design and material
  • Can target various body parts
  • Effective and efficient
  • Free shipping
  • Up to 2-year warranty
  • 30-day return policy
  • Superb customer feedback


  • The exercise may be tricky for beginners, but there’s a video tutorial.

Weck Method Customer Service

How To Contact

Need more information to find the best products for your training? Contact the expert team via the contact information below:

  • Email Address: info@weckmethod.com
  • Phone Number: (619) 222-2604
  • Form: Contact Us form
  • Social Media: @WeckMethod

Headquarters Address

320 16th Street
San Diego, CA 92101

Where To Buy

Weck Method area was available for purchase through its official website at weckmethod.com. Besides, the products are also purchasable in several online retail stores and shopping platforms like Amazon.

What are the principles of WeckMethod?

WeckMethod training focuses on two principles of tensional balance and rotational power.

Who owns WeckMethod?

This brand is owned by David Weck.


It’s not easy to search for effective exercise, whether for daily workouts or training as an athlete. Our WeckMethod review has breakdown the most important information about this brand. It is indeed a great alternative to try new training for your needs.

Each product is designed carefully and tested for its quality and effectiveness. Besides, the products provide free online access to exercise, training, and sports-specific workouts like golf and baseball. Thus, upgrade your training routine with WeckMethod!

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