Relife Sports Review

There’s no excuse for having no time to go to the gym! Relife Sports aims to offer exercise products based on home, office, and light commercial usage needs. In addition, this brand strives to provide fitness equipment based on scientific kinematics and ergonomic principles.

Relife Sports Review
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Founded in 2017, Relife comes from Rebuild Your Life, an international enterprise focusing on the US target market. Its focus is on designing and manufacturing sports fitness equipment.

With the mission of “Bringing health to all mankind,” this brand advocates a healthy lifestyle and keeps expanding its product collections to 220 countries and regions around the globe.

To ensure that this brand can help to have a better lifestyle. Despite its product collection, it is active on its blog to give workouts, recipes, and health tips. Not only that, but it also acts on Instagram to share helpful content with 17.7K followers.

The question is, “Is this brand can be the best option compared to another brand in the industry?” Hmm, we’re not sure tough.

So, to find out, this Relife Sports review will break down all information about this brand, including the product review, pricing, customer testimonials, to the current sale. So keep on reading!

Why Relife Sports?

Not all people have time to go to the gym regularly. Relife Sports is a brand that offers a great solution to let you work out at your convenience. Moreover, this brand can provide durable and effective fitness equipment at very reasonable prices.

It can give a comfortable fitness experience with a wide selection for every sports and fitness enthusiast. Its company is also quite trusted with brand certification of international B2C cross-border e-commerce enterprises.

Customer service is also one of the things worth emphasizing about this brand since it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty. In addition, all products will be shipped from the US warehouse, which you will receive within 3-5 days at free cost.

What's On Relife Sports

Curious about what they sell? Yep, as you know, that brand offers high-quality fitness equipment. So in this brand, you can find a Relife trampoline, exercise bike, vibration platform machine, weight bench, Olympic barbell, kettlebell, weight plate, and many more.

Relife Sports Product Classification

Every product will have various features and different kinds of workouts you can leverage. Thus, in the Relife Sports review section below, we’ll bring you to the review of the best-selling products, including details, highlights, and prices.

Relife Exercise Bike Reviews

REM01EB Quiet Exercise Bike with Silent Belt Drive Taller-friendly Stationary Bike Workout

The first product that comes to our review is Relife Sport Spin Bike. It has an upgraded model since it uses a thicker and heavier steel frame with a 20lbs balanced flywheel that can support 265-lb up to 400lbs weight capacity.

Relife Exercise Bike Reviews
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The Relife Sports bike uses a durable belt-driven system to perform quietly and smoothly. It also features a multifunctional LCD, bottle holder, and device holder, making it perfect for a stationary workout while watching movies, workout videos, or other entertainment.

The 4-way adjustable seat and handlebars can offer a flexible placement depending on the rider’s body. Furthermore, this Relife Quiet Exercise Bike is equipped with anti-skid caged foot pedals and emergency stop brakes to enhance safety.

If you are interested in this REM01EB Stationary Bike Workout, you can purchase it for $259.99 and enjoy a comfortable home workout!

Relife Sports Quiet Exercise Bike Highlights

  • Transportation wheels and floor stabilizer
  • Thick and heavy steel frame for durability
  • LCD Display, phone holder, and bottle holder
  • 3-type grips design of Flat Ground, Off-road, and Standing-up Riding
  • Suitable for people height of 4’9″ to 6’3″
  • Smooth and quiet pure wool felt brake pad system
  • Textured non-slip foot pedals and straps

Relife Sports Quiet Exercise Bike Details

  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Product Meas: 37.5x 20.5 x 47.6 inches
  • Flywheel Weight: 20 lbs
  • Material: Thicken Carbon Steel

8.0 8/10
10.0 10/10
10.0 10/10

Relife Power Tower Exercises Reviews

Relife Sports REPT04PT Power Tower Workout Pull Up Station for Home Gym

Looking way to make your workout more fun? The Relife Power Tower Workout Pull-Up Station is a professional strength training power tower designed to make movement easier and more enjoyable.

Relife Power Tower Exercises Reviews
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This power tower is ideal for people of any age group and shape size since it has multiple adjustments and a high-quality steel body that can support 330 lbs weight capacity.

Whether for men, women, seniors, or juniors, you can adjust the pull-up and dip station by following the Relife dip station instructions.

If you think this brand assembly will be complicated, no worries because it also comes with Relife power tower assembly instructions that are easy to follow.

The nine levels of height adjustment offer a variety of heights ranging from 58.5 to 89 inches. An excellent adjustable design makes this power tower great for a home gym to do various exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, dips, abdominal raises, and total body workouts.

So are you ready to build your very own home gym? So, purchase this Relife REPT04PT Pull-Up Station that is currently on sale price of $189.99 from its original price of $229.99!

Relife Sports Power Tower Workout Pull-Up Station Highlights

  • Multifunction pull-up station.
  • Adjustable dip and pull-up station for any age and body shape
  • 9 levels of height adjustment and 4 levels of backrest adjustment
  • 3 levels of handle adjustment and 2 levels of leg press adjustment
  • Anti-skid thickened foam handles and Anti-slip suction cups
  • Upgrade sturdy welding design with stable H shape steel base
  • Tighten safety locknut

Relife Sports Power Tower Workout Pull-Up Station Details

  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
  • Product Meas: 35.4 x 26.4 x 89 inch
  • Material: Steel

9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10

Relife Vertical Climber Reviews

Relife Vertical Climber Exercise Machine Workout Fitness Stepper

The final product that comes to our Relife Sport is the RECT01VC Vertical Climber Exercise Machine. It’s workout equipment that is effective for home gym to increase blood pressure, improve circulation, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Relife Vertical Climber Reviews
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The Relife Vertical Climber is a patented piece of equipment that can burn more and faster calories than a treadmill, exercise bike, and stepper machine. With its function, it can be the best option for those who want to burn more calories in their home.

With the 5 levels of vertical climbing, you can tailor it based on your needs, whether it feels like climbing the stairs to the cliff. With the LED monitor, you can monitor the total step, time, calories, and fat burns.

This product also comes with a downloadable Relife Vertical Climber manual, making it easy to assemble in no time. At the regular price of $220.99, you can grab this home gym equipment while on sale for only $199.99!

Relife Sports Vertical Climber Exercise Machine Highlights

  • Burn up to 500+ calories an hour
  • 5 levels of vertical climbing
  • LED monitor
  • low friction coefficient and good wear resistance thickening rope
  • excellent balance and silent performance
  • Stable triangular design

Relife Sports Vertical Climber Exercise Machine Details

  • Weight Capacity: 260 lbs
  • Product Meas: 37.5 x 28 x 85 inches
  • Material: Steel

10.0 10/10
8.0 8/10
8.0 8/10

Relife Sports Pricing

Regarding its price, this brand offers a reasonable price range with frequent sales. However, we discovered that its price starts at $9.99 to $335, with the lowest product being Neoprene Dumbbell and the highest being Relife Weight Bench.

This brand also offers Quality Pre Owned products, making it suitable for those on a tight budget. Aside from that, below is several ways to lower the price:

  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Get 10% off by using Relife Sports discount code: NY10
  • Regularly check its product collection since most of the products on sale
  • Join the email list to get notified of exclusive offers

Relife Sports Customer Reviews

Going through the customer review will give you a lot of insight into the risk and what good purchasing in a particular brand is. Hence in this section, we’ll present the Relife Sports reviews from the customer that we think will be worth considering.

Our first review is from the best-selling Power Tower Workout, which obtained 4.8/5 ratings from 818 customers. Below is one of the customer reviews that state the product is of good quality, price, performance, and easy to put together: 

Great boxing and instructions. Extra parts. It’s simple to put together and works great. For the price, it is awesome. Does not take up much space at all.

We also specifically choose complaint reviews from Relife 3 in 1 Exercise Bike that gains a 4.9/5 average rating from 21 customers:

…The folding exercise bike is good quality, and I’m overall happy with it. However, the only issue is that the backrest is not very comfortable. It’s not adjustable and reclines back too much for me to be comfortable. The backrest hits my lower back and causes discomfort…

From the review above, we can see that the customer is complaining about the uncomfortable backrest. Even so, the customer still gives 4-star ratings.

Below is the last review from Relife Home Gym Weight Bench with a 4.8/5 rating from 217 reviews that has a similar opinion to the first customer review:

This bench is so easy to use and was very straightforward to put together regarding the instructions. It absolutely has aided me in my fitness journey to do more exercise. The quality is great, and I love the color. Thank you so much for this weight bench. I really needed it!

Overall, from their product review, we noticed that most of the customers give 5 stars ratings and never go down below 4. Even though there’s a small number of complaint, impressively, all of the product has almost perfect ratings from the customer.

Is Relife Sports Worth To Buy?

If you are looking for home gym equipment that you can purchase at an affordable price, Relife Sports is worth checking out. This brand puts a great effort into providing the highest quality product that has passed strict quality control.

Is Relife Sports Worth To Buy?
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The best place to see the brand’s worthiness is what customers say. As you notice from the review section above, this brand successfully gains average ratings that never go below 4.

Even though some customers demand improvement, the product is still worth the price. Thus, from product quality, pricing, and customer service, this brand is one of the best brands in the industry.

Relife Sports Pros & Cons

Before purchasing a product, it’s essential to see what the brand excels at and its flaws. Thus, below we’ve compiled Relife Sports pros and cons from our review that you can consider.

Relife Sports Pros

  • Durable material
  • A patented item with a practical exercise
  • Wide selection of products
  • Affordable prices and often give sales
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Fast and free shipping
  • 30 days return and money-back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty
  • High-rated and positive customer reviews

Relife Sports Cons

  • Some customers complain about uncomfortable seats and backrests

Relife Customer Service

How To Contact Relife Sports?

Questioning about how to contact Relife Sports? Feel free to contact its customer service, which will be available during business hours from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (Pacific Time).

  • Email:
  • Phone: +1(800)985 – 9240
  • Live Chat: hit the red button at the bottom left of the page
  • Social Media:
    • Facebook @Relife
    • Twitter @relifesports
    • Instagram @relifesportsusa
  • Address: 17107 Gale Ave. City of Industry, CA 91745 United States

Where To Buy Relife Sports

At the time, you can purchase its product collection from online stores like its website and online store. However, to ensure you buy an authentic item, you can check Relife Sports’ official website.


Below, we’ve listed Frequently Asked Questions that you may be curious about this brand.

Where is Relife Sports company located?

Its company is in Gale Ave, City of Industry, CA 91745, United States.

Is it stable to use heavy dumbbells on Relife Weight Bench?

The weight bench is made of heavy-duty commercial steel and triangular mechanical support that make it strong and stable, ensuring safety training even new using dumbbells.


With the rising of home gyms and fitness videos spreading on Youtube, many people prefer having a home gym that lets them comfortably work out at home.

Relife Sports is a brand offering fitness equipment for a home gym that you can purchase at affordable prices. In this brand, you can find well-built power towers, amusing trampolines, and effective climber machines.

In a nutshell, you can visit Relife to achieve a better lifestyle and convenient workout experience!

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