Lifeline Fitness Reviews

Lifeline is a fitness equipment company that has become one of the leading companies in over 40 years. With a long history, this brand continuously develops training tools that define the benchmark in professional grade for functional training, body weight, and progressive variable resistance.

Lifeline Fitness Reviews
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Founded by Bobby “Sugar” Hinds in 1973, it only had one simple product: a beaded jump rope called “Jump Rope King.” After that, this brand kept striving and consistently had over 20 patents focused on design and functionality.

Not stopping there, this brand is also active on social media to reach its customers wider and share informational content related to fitness life with 1.7K Instagram and 5.1K Facebook followers.

Regardless, is their long history guarantee the quality of the product? Therefore, this Lifeline Fitness review will help you to find this brand’s worthiness. So we’ll give you all information about this brand, from the product review to the current deals!

Why Shop At Lifeline USA?

The long history of developing the highest quality fitness equipment is the main reason you should shop at Lifeline fitness. It has a great range of training tools with a high standard made of the most sustainable and safe material.

This brand has also become one of the leading companies in resistance training with its best-selling product collection on Amazon. Lifeline also creates products with a patented technology that allows you to work out effectively and for long-lasting regular usage.

Regarding its customer service, this brand offers 60 days return policy and fast and free shipping. It also shares training videos to help you benefit from the training tools that allow you to use the item correctly.

What's On Lifeline Fitness Equipment

Indeed the main best-selling product of Lifeline is resistance, but this brand also has various products such as resistance straps, barbells, dumbbells, weight benches, and others.

Aside from its own brand, this company also offers other brands such as PER4M, Warrior, Natural Fitness, and KettleWorX. Below are several product classifications that you can find on its website:

  • Resistance: Resistance cables, flat bands & super bands, resistance accessories, and resistance kits
  • Bodyweight: Suspension trainers, abdominal equipment, and accessories
  • Strength: Benches, racks, & gloves, Weight sets, plates, & bars, kettlebells & dumbbells and weighted balls, bags, & ropes 
  • Speed & Agility: Quickness & explosive power, Plyo boxes, resistance trainers, and jump ropes
  • Mobility & Yoga: Foam rollers, massage & recovery, range of motions & stretching, yoga, exercise mats, & balls
  • Aerobic Steps: Club-size mats, circuit-size steps, and high steps

Thus, in the following section of this Lifeline Fitness review, we’ll focus on giving you a review of the best-selling products.

Lifeline Fitness Cables Reviews

Lifeline 5' Resistance Cable

Lifeline 5′ Resistance Cable is constructed using Lifeline’s Progressive Layering Technology to perform longer and better than standard fitness cables. In addition, it can provide continuous tension throughout the workout’s entire range of movements to enhance strength and endurance.

Lifeline Fitness Cables Reviews
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It features plugged ends to quickly and safely fit into the Exchange Handles. Each cable is also color-coded, making it quick to identify during the interchange. The resistance band measures 5ft long, which can offer more workout options for beginners to advance.

In addition, this resistance cable can go with any Lifeline Cable pocket to various resistance levels. With the constant tension that it offers, it can increase muscle activation. The Lifeline resistance bands can also be used for low-impact strength training suitable for injury rehabilitation.

The resistance cables come in weights ranging from 10lb to 100lb. At the price of $9.99, it can be an affordable option than traditional weight for those on a tight budget who want to build strength.

Lifeline Resistance Cables Highlights

  • Durable layered cable constructions
  • Easy to identify because of the color-coded
  • Variety weights

9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10
8.0 8/10

Lifeline Fitness Bands Reviews

Lifeline Super Band

The Lifeline Super Band is a continuous 80″ loop that’s made of a highly thick and durable rubber band. This super band is designed to increase the intensity of presses, curls, and squats.

Lifeline Fitness Bands Reviews
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This band is easy to attach to the bars of the bench, making it easy to use. It’s also the favorite addition for bodybuilders to add more resistance or assistance for dynamic and explosive movements to improve power, strength, flexibility, and breakthrough fitness plateaus.

It can be used for upper body training to strengthen and sculpt the chest, back, arms, and shoulder with various workouts such as presses, rows, curls, and extensions.

Whereas for lower body training, it can strengthen the thighs, hamstrings, glutes, and cables with squats, lunges, curls, shuffles, and extensions.

Lastly, the Lifeline Fitness resistance bands are available in levels 1-5, with prices ranging from $20.99 to $52.49!

Lifeline Resistance Bands Highlights

  • Safe way to add resistance without heavy weight
  • Durable seamless latex rubber
  • Suitable to breakthrough the fitness plateaus

9.0 9/10
8.0 8/10
8.0 8/10

Lifeline Fitness Power Wheel Reviews

Lifeline Power Wheel

The Lifeline Fitness Power Wheel is equipment designed for engaging the lower back, hips, obliques, and abdominal muscles. It can promote balance, strength, and ideal posture in daily activities, work, and athletic performance.

Lifeline Fitness Power Wheel Reviews
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The patented Lifeline Power Wheel’s revolutionary is designed to place the hand’s shoulder width apart on the soft foam grips or place the feet in the adjustable foot stirrups for more excellent body motion and workout versatility.

Its design gives it more motion range than traditional ab rollers or core exercises. Not only move in any direction, but it can also hold the positions to develop body control and hit stabilizer muscle during the lower and upper body movement while targeting the core muscle.

With all that variety of usage, you can purchase this lifeline fitness power wheel for $59.99!

Lifeline Power Wheel highlights

  • Increasing coordination, balance, and stamina
  • Work for up to 20 muscles
  • Secure and adjustable foot straps
  • Comfortable soft foam to grip limits hands fatigue

8.0 8/10
9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10

Lifeline Fitness Pricing

After reading the product review above, you may think the price is quite affordable. However, aside from that product, we discover that the price starts at $4.24, for a Lifeline Hex Neoprene Dumbbell, to $1,361.24, for the Lifeline Olympic Rubber Grip Plate Set With Olympic Bar.

Are you looking for a Lifeline Fitness coupon code? We’ve got all covered for you. Below are several ways to get the best deals:

  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Visit the Hot Deals page to discover the current offers
  • Join the email list to get updates and obtain an exclusive Lifeline Fitness discount code

Lifeline Fitness Customer Review

What Do Customers Think?

When it comes to reviews, it’s a must to look at the customer reviews to see their experience and opinion after trying the products. So below, we’ve compiled some reviews that you can consider:

Here is one of the reviews taken from Lifeline Jungle Gym XT that gains 4.6/5 average ratings from 8 customers: 

I’ve had these straps hanging outside in the Florida environment for around 13 years. Every day, all day. I just replaced Lifeline Jungle Gym XT with new ones just because the handle rubber split. I know nothing that can withstand the Florida elements like that.

We also find one of the reviews from Lifeline 5′ Resistance Cable that obtain a 4.7/5 star rating from 25 customers: 

I’ve been using their cable systems for several years now. When the resistance cable breaks after consistent long-term use, it snaps where it joins the handle. It has never whipped back, which is a concern when a Lifeline cable is under tension. Thereby, it is safe, reliable, and has lasted many years. I’ll highly recommend their cable system.

We also especially choose a complaint review from Lifeline Olympic Rubber Grip Plates that gain 4.6/5 ratings from 13 customers:

The plates are excellent and have a good grip but they smell like burnt rubber. Nevertheless, they were good value for the money.

As you can see above, most customers are satisfied with how durable and comfortable the products are. We also find that most complaint reviews are not deal breakers. like the review we attach above that, only complaints about the smell.

Is Lifeline Fitness Worth To Buy?

From the things we’ve compiled above, we can say that this brand is worth investing in, mainly if you are looking for a high-quality and long-lasting product that you can purchase at an affordable price.

Is Lifeline Fitness Worth To Buy?
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The customer review section shows that most customers are satisfied with the product since it can work as it claims. Indeed there are still complaint reviews, but most customers still give an overall high rating.

Aside from that, this brand has outstanding customer service with free shipping, 60 days return policy, and free training video.

Lifeline Fitness Pros & Cons

After this long review, in this section, we’ve compiled the Lifeline Fitness pros and cons that make it easier for you to know its quality.

Lifeline Fitness Pros

  • Wide selection of products
  • Safe and comfortable design
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Free training video
  • Affordable price range
  • Free shipping
  • 60 days return policy

Lifeline Fitness Cons

  • Not all products available on its website, such as the Lifeline machine

Lifeline Fitness Customer Service

Need more information? If so, you can contact Lifeline Fitness customer service, available from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST via:

In addition, you can also check their social media at:

  • Instagram:
  • Facebook: LifelineFitness
  • Twitter: @LifelineUSA


Lifeline Fitness
4594 E. Radio Tower Lane
Olney, Illinois 62450

Where To Buy Lifeline Fitness

if you want to find the best deals and authentic products, you can check Lifeline Fitness’s official website. There you can purchase products directly from the manufacturer, which are backed with free shipping and 60 days return policy.

In addition, you can also find their product in several retailers and other online shopping platforms such as Amazon!


Below we’ve compiled Frequently Asked Questions that customers mostly ask about the Lifeline Fitness reviews.

How do you use the Lifeline power wheel?

Using the Lifeline Power Wheel is relatively easy. You need to put your feet in the pedal and secure it with the safety strap and bands.

In addition, if you use it for the hands, you can place your hand in soft foam hand grips and start the workout. You can also visit the Lifeline training video to see how the products work and various training videos that you can follow.

Does Lifeline Fitness ship internationally?

Unfortunately, this brand currently only ships within Contiguous U.S., excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and offshore U.S. territories.


For bodybuilders or even fitness enthusiasts, most may already know how important it’s to have certain fitness equipment if you want to target specific muscles. Lifeline Fitness is a reliable brand that offers durable and high-performance training tools.

It has a wide selection of products, from resistance to aerobics, ensuring all products are of the best quality. This brand also has an outstanding price range and customer service, guaranteeing your satisfaction with their service.

So if you want to get the best deals to explore the wellness of training tools, you can visit Lifeline Fitness!

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